Analytics Intelligence is a set of features that uses machine learning and conditions you configure to help you understand and act on your data.

Analytics Intelligence provides two types of insights:

  • Automated insights: Analytics Intelligence detects unusual changes or emerging trends in your data and notifies you automatically, on the Insights dashboard, within the Analytics platform.
  • Custom insights: You create conditions that detect changes in your data that are important to you. When the conditions are triggered, you see the insights on the Insights dashboard, and you can optionally receive email alerts.

See insights in Analytics

On the Analytics Home page, see the Insights card.

The card includes the most-recent insights.

To see a full list of insights, manage insights, or create new custom insights, click View all insights at the bottom of the card.

This Insights dashboard shows the most recent automated and custom insights for your property. The dashboard is refreshed in real-time as new insights are triggered, and when Analytics identifies interesting insights.

Click the cards to see full details.

Click Load more to see older insights. Insights are retained for one year after they are generated.

Every time you interact with an insight, Analytics Intelligence learns which ones you’re most interested in and ranks your new insights accordingly.

Create custom insights

You can create your own sets of rules to generate insights.

  1. On the Insights card, click View all insights.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Set the condition that generates the insight:
    • Evaluation frequency: Choose how often data is evaluated per the condition you create: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Hourly evaluation is available only for web data.
    • Select segment: All Users is the default segment. Click Change to select other dimensions and dimension values. You can also specify whether to include or exclude the segment.
    • Metric: Select the metric, condition, and value to set the threshold that triggers the insight. For example: 30-day active users - % decrease more than - 20.
      If you choose Has anomaly for the condition, then Analytics determines when the change in the metric is anomalous, and you do not need to enter a value.
  4. Enter a name for the insight.
  5. Manage notifications. By default, all users on a property see all triggered custom insights in the Insight dashboard. If there are users who want to notify by email, then enter their email addresses.
  6. Click Create in the upper right.

Hourly custom insights for app events are unavailable at this time

Analytics usually receives app events with some delay due to a variety of reasons, including apps being used in offline mode. Delay in the collection of app events would result in inaccurate evaluation of the custom insight, thus triggering false notifications. Hence, hourly custom insights for app events are unavailable at this time. If you are interested in hourly custom insights for app events, please complete this form.

Manage custom insights

For each custom insight, you can turn email notification on or off for property users, and you can delete the insight.

  1. On the Insights card, click View all insights.
  2. Click Manage to open the list of custom insights for the property.
  3. Set the Email Notifications switch to on or off.
  4. Click More > Delete to delete an insight.


You need Collaborate or Edit permission to create, edit, and share insights.

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