[UA→GA4] Google Ads links migration tool

Migrate your Universal Analytics property's Google Ads links to your Google Analytics 4 property
This article is for website and/or app owners who want to link their Google Analytics 4 property to the same Google Ads account(s) as their Universal Analytics property.

Use this feature to quickly import your Google Ads links from your Universal Analytics property to your connected Google Analytics 4 property.

What happens when you import Google Ads links

After you've imported the Google Ads links from your Universal Analytics property to your Google Analytics 4 property, you'll begin seeing Google Ads data in your Google Analytics 4 reports.

Data from your Google Analytics 4 property is also available to linked Google Ads accounts. However, to use that data within Google Ads, you must sign in to your Google Ads account and take action. (See Next steps.)


To import Google Ads links, you need the Editor role on the Analytics account.

Note: A Google Ads user with Administrative access already approved data exchange with your Universal Analytics property, so you don't also need to have Administrative access like you would when creating an entirely new link.
If you only have one Google Analytics account, it will already be selected.
  1. In Admin, under Product links, click Google Ads links.
  2. Select Import from Universal Analytics from the Actions menu.
  3. In the table, select one or more Google Ads links that you want to import into your new Google Analytics 4 property.
  4. Ads Personalization is turned on by default for all selected accounts. This setting allows Google Analytics audience lists and remarketing events/parameters to be published to the linked Google Ads accounts. You can turn this setting off in the Ads Personalization column.
  5. In the top right, click Import selected Ads links.
  6. Review the confirmation message, and click OK.

When the import is complete, you'll see the following confirmation message: Your Google Ads links have been imported successfully.

Next steps

By choosing to import the selected Google Ads links, you'll make data from your Google Analytics 4 property available to use in Google Ads. However, to take action on this data, you still need to sign in to Google Ads and do at least one of the following:

For enhanced remarketing, you also need to activate Google Signals.

Why don't I see my Google Ads account?

The import tool only shows Google Ads accounts that are eligible for import into your connected Google Analytics 4 property. If you don't see a particular Google Ads account in the import tool, it could be because it's already linked to the Google Analytics 4 property. Additionally, make sure (1) you selected the correct Google Analytics 4 property and (2) your Google Analytics 4 property is connected to the right Universal Analytics property.

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