Save time and effort by using AdWords Express

Running a business is already a full-time job. With AdWords Express, reaching new customers with online ads doesn’t have to be.

Learn how AdWords Express can help your business reach new customers while saving you time and effort. Then, take the short, 3-question quiz below to see if AdWords Express is a better fit for you than AdWords.

Let AdWords Express do the work for you

Unlike AdWords, which requires ongoing maintenance to get the best results, AdWords Express does the work for you, leaving you more time to manage and grow your business. And just like AdWords, you control how much you spend and only pay when potential customers click your ad.

With AdWords Express you can:

  • save time. AdWords Express automatically manages your ads, keywords, and bids to get you the best results for your budget.
  • set up ads in minutes and quickly see how they’re performing from the easy-to-use online dashboard.
  • encourage customers to find you online, give you a call, or get directions to your location right from your ads.
  • access your account on the go with the handy mobile app.

Sounds good, right? Take this quick quiz to see if switching to AdWords Express is the right option for you.

Take this quiz to see if AdWords Express is right for you

Question 1 of 3: How easy is it for you, or someone else at your company, to make changes to your website?