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How AdWords Express works

It takes only about 15 minutes to get started with AdWords Express. Just choose your audience and business categories, write your ad, and set a budget. AdWords Express does the rest, and even includes related search phrases so people looking online for products or services like yours can more easily find your business. When you’re done with your setup, AdWords Express starts managing your ads automatically. 

How it works

When customers search on Google for products or services related to your ad's search phrases, your ad is eligible to appear above or below search results. On Google Maps, your ad can appear directly on the map or beneath the search results.

AdWords Express ad example on Google Search

You also have the option of including your business address and phone number in your ad. What's more, you pay only when someone clicks your ad or calls from the mobile-friendly version of your ad, and you can edit or pause your ad any time in your AdWords Express account.

How much AdWords Express costs

With AdWords Express, you pay only when someone clicks your ad or calls from the mobile-friendly version of your ad. Don't worry. The total amount that you spend in a month won't exceed the maximum monthly budget you set in your account. 

The cost of a click (also known as cost-per-click) is dynamic, which means the price will vary depending on several factors, including:

  • How much competing advertisers in your area are spending
  • How relevant your ad is to a person's Google search
  • How likely a person's search will result in a sale

No hidden fees

With AdWords Express, you pay only for clicks or calls, and there's no initiation fee.

Payment settings and payment methods

  • How you pay: With AdWords Express, depending on your country, you can make payments before your ads show (manual payments) or automatically make payments after your ads show (automatic payments). These are known as payment settings.
  • What you pay with: This is what you use to pay your advertising costs, such as a credit card, and is known as a payment method. Some payment methods are only available in certain countries, so you might see different options depending on where your business is located.

How billing works

Your AdWords Express billing summary is your one-stop-shop for paying for your advertising costs and managing your billing. There you can make a payment, update your billing information, and more.

Your time investment

With AdWords Express, you invest only a minimum amount of time. Once you create your first ad and set a budget, we’ll use the business category you chose to come up with a list of search phrases that can trigger your ad and potential related sites where your ad can appear. Based on your ad's performance, we’ll continue to maintain and update your search phrases over time.

Have questions?

You can find answers in the AdWords Express Help Center or ask experts in the AdWords Express Community.

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