Phone number verification for AdWords Express ads

If you've seen a message in your AdWords Express account warning you that a phone number isn't showing with your ad, you'll need to make sure the number appears on your website. We require the phone number that you use for AdWords Express to appear in text on your website as verification of ownership.

Verify your phone numbers

For your phone numbers to appear with your ads, you'll need to provide proof that the phone numbers associated with your ads belong to the business featured in the same ads.

After adding your phone number to your website as text, click Fix it from the message in your account. Check the box to verify that you've added the number to your site, then click Submit.

Your phone number won't appear with your ad until we're able to verify that it appears on your website. Verification can take up to 3 days.


Example Verification status Reason
Your phone number appears in text on your website. Verified Verified Google is able to verify your phone number because it is present in the text of your website.
Your phone number appears in an image, but is also present in text on your website, or as the alternative text for the image. Verified Verified Alternative text for images can also be used to verify your phone number.
Your phone number appears in an image on your website, but is not present in any text. Unverified Unverified Your phone number must be present in the text of your website in order for Google to verify it.
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