"Phone calls only" ads

  • "Phone calls only" ads drive calls to your business by showcasing your business phone number.
  • AdWords Express may automatically turn on "phone calls only" ads for select business categories.

"Phone calls only" ads help you focus on increasing the number of phone calls placed from your ad instead of sending potential customers to your website.

How "phone calls only" ads work

"Phone calls only" ads appear with your headline, ad text, and your business phone number. Your website URL will also appear, but will be static text instead of a clickable link. If people your "phone calls only" ad on a device capable of making calls, such as a smartphone, they can click either the headline or the phone number in your ad to call your business.

For phone numbers to appear in your ads, you’ll need to verify that the phone number belongs to the business you’re promoting. The easiest way to verify your phone number is by showing it in text within your website. If you’re using Google My Business with AdWords Express, the phone number associated with your Google My Business listing must also appear on your website.

Removing "phone calls only" ads

"Phone calls only" ads are available only for ads in select business categories. If "phone calls only" ads are already running in your account and you’d like to remove these types of ads, contact AdWords Express Support for assistance.

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