Analytics and AdWords Express

  • Link your Google Analytics and AdWords Express accounts to track visits to your site from your ads.
  • View the Analytics data for your ads on your AdWords Express dashboard.

If you’re already using Google Analytics to track traffic to and on your website, you can link your Analytics account to AdWords Express to view additional information about the people who visit your site.

Your Google Analytics data will be displayed on your AdWords Express dashboard, and will show the percentage of new visits to your site that came from your ads, as well as the duration of and how many pages were viewed during each of those visits.

How to link your accounts

To link your Analytics and AdWords Express accounts, both accounts will need to use the same login email address. If you already have an Analytics account with the same login email address, we’ll show the option to link your accounts on your AdWords Express dashboard.

To sign up for an Analytics account, visit and log in with the same login email address and password that you use for AdWords Express. Follow the steps during sign-up to generate your tracking code and to set up your web tracking.

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