How to write an effective ad

How do you decide what makes a good ad for your business? Here are 3 questions that you should always ask yourself before you create your AdWords Express ad.

Below, we’ll show you lots of examples and answers from a fictional bicycle shop in California called Betty’s Beach Bikes. We’ve also prepared a worksheet that you can download and print out -- use it to try writing an ad for your own business!
Download the ad-writing worksheet

Question 1: What do I have to offer?

List the products and services you want to promote.

Ask yourself Possible answers
What does my business offer?

Bicycles for sale
Bicycles for rent

What are my key selling points? End-of summer discounts
Affordable, stylish bicycles
Large selection
What makes me stand out from other businesses? Low prices
Friendly, helpful customer services
Bicycle trade-in program

Question 2: What do I want to accomplish?

Identify your main advertising goals and what you'd like to accomplish with your ads.

Ask yourself Possible answers
What action would I like my customers to take? Visit website
Visit store
Make bike rental reservation online
When should my customers take action? End of August (for a limited-time offer or discount)
How do I want customers to feel about my offerings? Affordable

Question 3: Who are my customers?

Describe your customers, breaking them into different groups if you have different customer types with unique goals and needs.

Ask yourself Possible answers
Who are my customers? Locals
Large groups
What are my customers' needs or values? Fun activity
Good value
What are my customers' circumstances? Want to shop online or in person
In need of quick reservations
Very basic knowledge about choosing the right bicycle

Put it all together

Here are some examples of potential ads from our fictional bicycle store, Betty’s Beach Bikes. Because Betty offers several different products and services, such as bike rentals and bikes for sale, she may consider writing different ads for each of her business categories.

Price-sensitive shoppers Large groups looking for bike rentals Locals interested in purchasing a bike
Betty's Beach Bikes - 15%
Off All Bikes in August
Low prices and huge
selection. Free and fast
delivery. Order online today!
Betty's Bike Rentals - 20% Off
Rentals for 3 or More
Stylish bikes. Make your
experience memorable. Reserve
online in minutes!
Buy a Bike at Betty's - Affordable
Stylish Bikes
Our friendly staff will help you
find the perfect bike.
Visit our store today!


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