AdWords manager accounts (MCC) and AdWords Express

An AdWords manager account (MCC) is a powerful tool for handling multiple AdWords or AdWords Express accounts. With a manager account, you can link several accounts so you can view them in a single location.

Manager accounts are ideal for third-party advertisers such as agencies and marketing professionals, or large advertisers who manage multiple accounts.

Using an AdWords manager account with AdWords Express

  • Create account: To create an AdWords Express account within a manager account, click the Create account button. You’ll have the option to create either an AdWords or AdWords Express account.
    AdWords Express MCC
  • Reporting: Standard reporting is available for AdWords Express accounts within the manager account. See more information about manager account reporting in the AdWords Help Center.
  • Link or unlink your account: Your manager account allows you to easily link and unlink an existing or new AdWords Express account at any time. See instructions for linking and unlinking accounts to your manager account.

Comparing AdWords and AdWords Express

Unsure of what type of account you’d like to create? Find out more about the differences between AdWords and AdWords Express.


Consolidated billing allows manager account users to combine all of their AdWords account invoices into a single monthly invoice. You'll only need to make one invoice payment to cover the costs of all accounts within your manager account. Learn more about consolidated billing.

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