Ad audience

  • Your ad audience determines where your ad can appear, as well as what types of searches will cause your ad to appear.
  • Choosing the right ad audience can help you reach the right customers for your business.

How to edit your audience location

  1. Open the AdWords Express app for Android.
  2. Tap the Menu button menu at the top.
  3. Make sure the business you're looking for appears at the top of the "My business" drop-down menu. If not, tap the name of the business, and then tap the Menu button menu again at the top.
  4. Tap an ad, and then tap Dashboard.
  5. Scroll the page down. Tap Edit in the "Audience" card.
  6. Edit as needed.
  7. Tap Save.

Geographic targeting (where your ad can appear)

AdWords Express uses the following methods to determine the geographic locations where your ads can appear:

  • Targeted locations: Your ads can appear for people who are located within the geographic area that you've chosen to target. You can contact the Support team to request that your ads show only in your targeted locations.
  • Names of locations in searches: Some of your potential customers aren't located within your targeted area, but they might include words related to your location in their searches, such as postal codes or the names of nearby cities. If they show interest in businesses like yours in your geographic area, we may show your ads to these customers who are outside of your targeted area.


You create an ad for your dentist's office and target your ad to Los Angeles. When someone in Los Angeles searches for dentist on Google, your ad is eligible to appear. Another person in San Diego searches for Los Angeles dentist on Google. She can also see your ad because she included your targeted location “Los Angeles” in her search.

Targeting a radius or individual locations

When choosing where your ad can appear, you can choose to target either a radius around your business or target cities, states, or countries.

Regardless of whether you choose to target a radius or individual locations, we'll show your ad to all eligible locations within the area that you've targeted.

Choosing the size of your target area

  • Targeting larger areas: If you're currently targeting California, but you also add San Francisco, we'll target your ads to all of California, including San Francisco. In this case, you can remove San Francisco from your location targets.
  • Targeting smaller areas: Let's say you only want to target San Francisco without targeting the rest of California. In this case, add San Francisco to your location targets (and leave out California).

Products and services

You'll also describe the product or service that you'd like to advertise when defining your audience. It's important to select a product or service that accurately describes your business, so that your ads will appear for the right customers.

Once you select a product or service, we'll also suggest additional features that could be related to your business. When people search for phrases related to these features, your ads will be eligible to appear. If any of the suggestions aren't applicable to your business, uncheck the box next to the suggestion, so your ads won't show for those types of searches.

Types of websites

Your ad may also appear on different types of websites. For more information, click any of the links below:

AdWords Express and organic listings

AdWords Express does not affect the ranking of free, organic listings, including websites and Google+ pages. In addition, AdWords Express ads appear only in the sponsored ads section, so they don't affect how many or which businesses appear in the organic listings.

If your business does appear in the organic results, and you advertise with AdWords Express:

  • Your AdWords Express ad can also appear in the sponsored ads section.
  • Your organic listing will still appear, and the organic listing's ranking isn't affected.
  • If a corresponding map appears and your ad displays a marker, the marker will appear on the map.

If your business doesn't appear in the organic results, and you advertise with AdWords Express:

  • Your AdWords Express ad can appear in the sponsored ads section (with a marker).
  • Your AdWords Express ad doesn't appear in the organic search results.
  • If a corresponding map appears, your business's marker will appear on the map.
Google partner sites

AdWords Express ads can also appear on Google's search partner sites or on Google Display Network sites. These sites partner with Google to show Google Ads and AdWords Express ads.

Search partner sites

On our search partners' sites, your ads can appear on search results pages, on site directory pages, or on other pages related to the person's search.

Search partners are part of Google's Search Network. In addition to our search partners, the Search Network also includes Google search sites such as Google Search, Google Shopping, Google Images, and Google Groups.

Google Display Network sites

For certain types of businesses in some countries, your AdWords Express ads can appear on the Google Display Network. This means your ads can appear on sites partnered with Google that have content related to your business. This allows you to expand your advertising exposure beyond search, as well as reach customers who are viewing content that is relevant to businesses like yours.

Your AdWords Express ads are automatically matched to websites based on the business product or service that you selected. With AdWords Express, you won't be able to select individual sites where your ads can appear.


Steve creates an AdWords Express ad for his wedding photography business. His ad can appear for customers in his neighborhood when they read online blogs about wedding planning, wedding cakes, or other content related to weddings.

Budget and pricing

If your business product or service type is eligible for this feature, we'll allocate a small percentage of your AdWords Express budget to placing ads on these websites. You won't be charged any more than your total monthly budget, and you pay only when someone clicks your ad. There's nothing that you'll need to do to get started.

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