Business categories

We’ll set up your AdWords Express ad based on your business category, whether it’s a hair salon, dentist or a car dealership. And if it just so happens that your business is all of the above, you can set up multiple ads for your business, each with a different category.

How categories work

When you sign up for AdWords Express or create a new ad, you'll be asked to choose a category. Your category helps determine the search phrases that will be associated with your ads, so make sure tthat you choose a category that accurately describes your products or services. Whenever someone in your targeted radius searches for those phrases on Google or Google Maps, your ad can appear and help attract a new customer to your business.

If your category isn’t available when you sign up for AdWords Express, please fill in this feedback form. We’re working on adding new categories, and we'd love to hear from you.

Multiple categories

In addition, you can create multiple ads for your business, and specify a different category for each ad. This allows you to write different ads that focus on different aspects of your business, and we’ll provide different search phrases for each.


Will owns a furniture shop, but his shop also specialises in office furniture. He uses AdWords Express to create two ads for his business, one with the category “Furniture shop”, and the other with the category “Office furniture”. He can now promote his office furniture selection separately.

Edit your category

You can edit your category in your AdWords Express dashboard at any time. Remember, your category determines the search phrases that are used with your ad. If you change your category, we’ll also change the search phrases used to determine when your ads will appear. Click the link below for instructions to change your category.

How to change your current category
  1. Sign in to your AdWords Express account at
  2. Click the business listing with the ad.
  3. Click the arrow next to your ad. From the drop-down menu, select Edit ad audience.
  4. Under "Who are looking for this business category", you'll see your current category. If you’d like to make changes, enter your new category in this section. You can choose from a pre-filled list of categories based on the information that you enter.
  5. Click OK to save any changes.
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