Fix a promotional code issue

If you find that your promotional code (also known as a coupon or voucher) isn't working properly, there may be a number of reasons. Below are the most common ones.

The credit doesn't appear in your account

Possible reason Explanation
You haven't met the offer requirements yet Most promotional codes require you to meet certain criteria in order to get the monetary credit. For example, if you're redeeming a "Spend $50, get $100" offer, you'll have to apply the promo code and then get at least $50 worth of clicks in your account. After spending $50, you'll then see the $50 credit appear in your account within 5 business days. Check the terms and conditions of your offer to see the requirements.
You met the requirements but the credit hasn't been applied yet If you've recently met the offer requirements, don't be alarmed if the credit hasn't appeared in your account yet. It can take up to 5 business days for the credit to appear in your account after meeting the requirements.
You're on manual payments and made the minimum payment If you're on manual payments, it's a good idea to make an initial payment that's a little more than the requirement, because AdWords Express will stop serving your ads when you don't have enough credit in your account. For example, if the offer requires you to spend $25 and you make an initial payment of exactly $25, your account may never fully spend all $25 if your cost-per-click (CPC) is larger than the credit you have left. Let's say your average CPC is $0.30. If you then spend everything but $0.20, that $0.20 may never get used up because your CPC is larger than the credit you have left.
You tried applying the code to existing costs Promotional codes only apply to future costs, not existing costs. So if you use a code and have an account balance, that balance won't be adjusted. So if you have any unpaid charges and use a code, you'll still be responsible for paying off your unpaid charges.

An error message shows when you try to enter the promotional code

Possible reason Explanation
You tried applying the code to existing costs If your promotional code didn't work, you may have made a typo by accident. It's worth trying again, paying careful attention to any dashes and capital or lowercase letters in the code.
The length of time since your account was created Your account may be too old. Promotional codes are often intended to help new advertisers get started with AdWords Express. If the promotional code you're trying to use is for new advertisers, it might not work if your account is more than 14 days old. See the terms and conditions that were included with the offer for more details, or the terms and conditions that apply to all online advertising vouchers in your country.
The country of your billing address You tried applying the code in the wrong region. Promotional codes don't travel well. If you received one in a particular region or country, it might not work outside that region or country. Check the code's terms and conditions for country restrictions.
This promotion code has already been redeemed Promotional codes can only be redeemed once and can't be shared with other accounts. Double check that this code hasn't been used before.

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