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Remove extensions

Ad extensions add information about your business to your ads and typically boost your ads' performance. If you want to remove ad extensions, though, follow the instructions in this article.

Manual extensions

To remove a manual extension from your campaign, check the box to the left of the extension(s) and click Delete. Removing an extension from one campaign won’t remove the extension from other campaigns.

Automated extensions

With the exception of automatic call extensions, turning off an automated extension will stop it from showing with any ads in this account.*

To turn off an automated extension, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your AdWords account.

  2. Click the Ad extensions tab.

  3. In the “View” drop-down, select Automated extensions report.

  4. Click Automated extension options (advanced).

  5. Click Edit next to “Show all automated extensions for this account.”

  6. Click Exclude specific automated extensions for this account.

  7. Check the box next to the automated extension you’d like to turn off.

  8. Click Save.

* When you turn off automatic call extensions, you block new automatic call extensions from being created, but existing automated call extensions may still show with your ads. To remove existing call extensions, go to your "Ad extensions" tab, select "Call extensions," then remove the numbers you don't want to show.

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