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Campaign group: Definition

A set of campaigns that share a key performance indicator. Campaign groups are helpful for tracking the overall performance of multiple campaigns with similar goals.

  • Set performance targets to designate numerical goals shared by all the campaigns in a campaign group. 
  • Monitor campaign group performance to see whether you’re on track to meet your performance targets. If not, you may consider adjusting your campaigns’ settings.
  • You can create campaign groups with any combination of Search, Shopping, Display or Video campaigns. 
  • A campaign can be added to only one campaign group at a time. It can’t belong to multiple campaign groups.
  • Campaign groups are optional – not every campaign must belong to a campaign group.  
  • Any campaign using a shared budget cannot be added to a campaign group. 
  • Removing a campaign from a campaign group will remove its performance data from the campaign group.
  • Create, view and edit campaign groups by clicking Campaign groups in the left-hand navigation panel.

Campaign groups

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