Create a campaign group

A campaign group is a set of campaigns that share a key performance indicator. Campaign groups are helpful for tracking the overall performance of multiple campaigns with similar goals. Setting optional performance targets lets you designate specific, numerical goals for your campaign group, keeping you up-to-date on performance progress.

Before you begin

Before creating a campaign group, you must first create one or more campaigns.


  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account
  2. Click Campaign groups in the left navigation panel.
  3. Click the + Campaign group button.
  4. Enter a unique name for the campaign group.
  5. Add campaigns to your campaign group. 
  6. (Optional) Set performance targets for your campaign group. Learn more  
  7. Click Save.


All campaign groups

To view all your campaign groups at once, click Campaign groups in the left navigation panel. If viewing a single campaign group, click Campaign groups at the top of the page. In this view, campaign groups appear in a list. For each campaign group, you can see a brief performance summary as well as any performance targets you may have set.  

To make it easier to find a specific campaign group, you can use the upper right Sort drop-down menu to sort your campaigns groups by name, performance target end date, or other factors. 

Overview tab

The "Overview" tab shows a detailed summary of a campaign group’s overall performance, as well as the performance of each individual campaign in the group. Click on the name of any individual campaign in the “Overview” tab to go the the Campaigns tab, where you can edit campaign settings. 

The “View” drop-down menu in the upper left allows you to switch the metrics you see in the summary card and individual campaigns cards. Use the date selector in the upper right to see performance for different date ranges.  

Performance targets tab

The "Performance targets" tab can be used to create, review, and edit your campaign group’s performance targets. 

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