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About mobile app conversion tracking

If you use AdWords to promote Android or iOS mobile apps, you can use conversion tracking to help you see how effectively your ad clicks lead to app installs and in-app activity.


  • See which keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns are best at driving app installs and in-app activity.
  • Understand your return on investment (ROI) and make better informed decisions about your ad spend.
  • Use automated bid strategies (such as target CPA) that automatically optimize your campaigns according to your business goals.

Types of mobile app conversions you can track

You can track a variety of conversions for both Android and iOS apps:

  • App installs: Conversion tracking can measure how effectively your ads are leading people to install your mobile apps. There are a couple of different ways to track this:
    • Downloads from Google Play: For Android apps, you can track when someone who clicked your ad downloads your app from the Google Play store. Conversions are tracked automatically from Google Play, and you don't need to add tracking code to your app.

    • First opens: For both Android and iOS apps, you can track the first time someone who clicked your ad opens your app after installing it. You may want to use this option if you use Firebase, if you track app installs from sources other than Google Play, or if you use third-party tracking solutions.

  • In-app actions, such as purchases: If you're using AdWords to drive purchases or other actions within your app, use conversion tracking to measure your campaigns' effectiveness. You can automatically track in-app purchases for Android apps that use in-app billing, or you can track any in-app action through Firebase, by adding code to your app, or by using third-party analytics.

How to set up mobile app conversion tracking

There are a few different ways to track mobile app conversions, depending on your app’s platform and how you want to set up tracking. Click on the links below for instructions:

  • Track mobile app conversions with Firebase: Track first opens, in-app purchases, or custom events by importing events from Firebase, Google’s mobile software development kit (SDK) and app analytics tool.
  • Track Android app conversions: Track app installs and in-app purchases automatically from Google Play, or track first opens and in-app actions with a third-party analytics tool or by adding code to your app.
  • Track iOS app conversions: Track first opens and in-app actions with a third-party analytics tool or by adding code to your app.
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