Conversions for optimization

Conversion actions you've chosen to be used for automated bidding. After opting into this setting, AdWords bid strategies (such as Target return on ad spend, Enhanced cost-per-click, or Conversion Optimizer) will take the conversion action that you've chosen into account when setting bids.

  • By enabling this setting for a conversion action and applying a bid strategy to your campaign, AdWords will try to get you as many of that conversion action as possible by optimizing your bids.
  • Your conversions for optimization data will be available in the "Conv. opt." columns.
  • If you enable this setting and use manual bidding, your bids won’t be automated, but data for the conversion actions you've enabled will still be available in the "Conv. opt" columns.
  • Example: Say you want to track two types of conversion actions on your site. You’d like to track each time a customer puts something in their shopping cart, and each time a customer completes an online sale. In this scenario, you only want to attribute conversion value to the completed online sales. Enable the "Optimization" setting for the online sales conversion action, then apply an automated bid strategy to allow AdWords to attempt to get you as many online sales as possible while ignoring the shopping cart action.
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