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About consumer ratings extensions

This article only applies to the previous AdWords experience. Determine which AdWords experience you’re using.

Consumer ratings highlight industry-specific ratings based on consumer surveys. One or more of your best ratings show below the text of your search ads, along with a link to more ratings. These automated extensions—which need no setup—help drive website traffic with the power of consumer opinion. Consumer ratings extensions are only available for ads that show on desktop and laptop computers, and do not show on tablets or mobile devices.


This is an example of how consumer ratings might appear:

Example Brokerage
Explore The Advantages of Our Brokerage Account
Ratings: Selection 9.5/10 - Sign Up 10/10 - Fees 9/10

Benefits of showing consumer ratings


Turbo Rentals is a national car rental service whose brand focuses on superior customer service. They roll out the red carpet and offer prompt, effective service for all their customers, not just those with special memberships. When people see a Turbo Rentals ad with consumer ratings, they’ll see that Turbo Rentals has a 10/10 rating on customer service. Survey ratings help Turbo Rentals stand out for their greatest strength, and attract customers who value customer service.

  • Show off your strengths: Consumer ratings show off your business’s highest survey ratings, emphasizing the areas where your customers notice you’re doing a great job.
  • More website traffic: Shoppers love customer feedback—it offers trustworthy perspective from peers. Consumer ratings do more than the typical online review: they offer industry-based data on specific aspects of your business. Ads with consumer ratings have increased clickthrough rate by 10%, on average.
  • More representative feedback: People respond to Google Consumer Surveys in order to access web content that they're interested in reading (on online news, reference, and entertainment sites), or to earn Google Play credit through an Android app. This means that you get feedback from a wide array of customers, rather than seeing disproportionate responses from people who are disgruntled (or thrilled).

How consumer ratings work

Consumer ratings showcase one or more of your best survey scores below your ad text, along with a “Ratings” link. If people click on “Ratings,” they’ll see a more detailed view of your survey scores.

Consumer ratings ad detail update (desktop)

The ratings categories may be different depending upon your type of business. If you’re an insurance company, for example, you might see a “claims handling” category. More general categories, like customer service and website quality, may also be included.

Google Consumer Surveys

AdWords runs surveys through Google Consumer Surveys, a thoroughly tested platform for collecting consumer opinion data. At least hundreds, and in most cases, over a thousand people are surveyed for each business.

Respondents self-identify as customers. The surveys AdWords runs begin by finding out if respondents are customers of a particular business, using a question like “What airline have you flown with recently?” or “Which mobile service provider do you use?” Then, the surveys ask about experience with that business.

Example Google Consumer Surveys question

Rating calculation

Ratings are relative to your industry’s average.The scoring system is the same for every advertiser, regardless of the advertiser’s spending on AdWords or elsewhere on Google.

  • Using survey data, AdWords first calculates a benchmark score for each industry.
  • Next, AdWords uses the benchmark score, along with survey responses, to give each company ratings for all of its industry’s categories. Using the benchmark score creates ratings that can reflect how businesses compare to each other.
  • Since the benchmarks may vary by industry, “customer satisfaction” or any other ratings category shouldn’t be compared across industries.


Bunbury Insurance has amazing customer service—their representatives pick up the phones promptly, they honor valid claims within a week, and their documents are easy to understand. Their coverage is also pretty good. When holders of Bunbury Insurance policies are surveyed, they give Bunbury high customer service ratings, and medium-high coverage ratings.

Based on its survey scores relative to the industry benchmark, Bunbury Insurance may get a rating of 10 for customer service, and an 8 for coverage. People who feel strongly about customer service and see Bunbury’s high customer service rating will be more likely to click on Bunbury’s ad.

How to improve your scores

Survey scores give terrific feedback on where you’re doing well, and where you can improve. If you want to boost your rating in a particular category, our simple advice is to make improvements that your customers will notice. AdWords runs surveys regularly to reflect current consumer opinion.

What consumer ratings cost

There's no cost to add consumer ratings to your campaign, but you'll be charged as usual for clicks on your ad. Survey scores aren’t clickable, but people can click through your ad headline as usual to reach your landing page. Clicks on “Ratings” and clicks on your homepage from the survey details window aren’t reported in performance statistics.

How AdWords shows consumer ratings

Good to know

Consumer ratings are specific to country: for example, people searching on will see ratings generated from U.K. consumers.

Also, consumer ratings are available in English only, so people searching in other languages won’t see consumer ratings.

  • No setup needed: Consumer ratings are available for several hundred businesses in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia, from surveys run by the AdWords team on the Google Consumer Surveys platform. If AdWords has ratings for your business, and predicts that showing ratings will be beneficial to your campaign, ratings show without any setup on your part.
  • If you need to opt out: When consumer ratings show, it’s likely that you’ll see a higher clickthrough rate. If you need to opt out of showing consumer ratings with your ads, you can disable an automated extension.

Performance and reports

Let's say you'd like to see how your ads with consumer ratings perform, like the number of clicks or impressions that occurred when they appeared with your ad. You can review your performance data with the automated extensions report .

Monitor your automated extensions performance

You can analyze the performance of ads that contain a type of automated extension from the Ad extensions tab. The "Clicks" column counts clicks on your ad headline when your automated extensions appeared with it.

Here's how to see your performance data:

  1. Select a campaign with automated extensions. Then, click the Ad extensions tab.
  2. Choose View: Automated extensions from the View drop-down menu.
  3. You'll see a statistics table that contains data on the performance of your ads when the automated extension appears.
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