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About previous visit extensions

This article only applies to the previous AdWords experience. Determine which AdWords experience you’re using.

Previous visits extensions will no longer show with ads starting January 2018.
In February, any previous vistis extensions will be deleted along with their performance data. To save this data, download an extensions report by clicking Automated Extensions on the Ads & extensions page in AdWords.  

With previous visit extensions, which automatically show below your Search ads, people can see that they’ve visited your site before. This information often encourages people to return to your site. Previous visits extensions are only available for ads that show on desktop and laptop computers, and do not show on tablets or mobile devices.

This article explains how previous visit extensions work. For an overview, start with About automated extensions.

When they show

As with other ad extensions, AdWords shows previous visits with your ads when it predicts that this might improve your clickthrough rates and return on investment. Also, to see previous visits, people have to be logged in to Google and clicked through to your website at least once from a previous Google search result, or twice from a Google search ad.

What people see

Your ad can show people when they last clicked through to your website from Google search results or ads. It can also show how many times they’ve clicked through to your website.


Cathy is a knitting enthusiast and often runs out of yarn. Last week, she searched for "knitting supplies" and clicked on the ad for Knitters Now, a knitting supplies store. This week, she searches for “alpaca yarn” and sees the following text underneath a knitting ad: “You’ve visited 7 times. Last visit: today.” Cathy remembers the great selection the store offered and decides to visit again by clicking the ad.

If previous visit extensions don’t make sense for your customers or your business, you can choose to opt out.

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