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Improve your account with Opportunities

To get more value out of AdWords, head over to the Opportunities tab. It’s an entire section of your AdWords account dedicated to helping you improve your campaigns.

This article gives you an overview of the opportunities you may see. It also gives you guidance about how to understand and apply them.

Before you begin

The opportunities you see in your tab are customized to be relevant and helpful to you. That means you won’t see every kind of opportunity, and sometimes you might not see any. Learn more about common reasons why you might not see opportunities.

Available opportunities

Ads and ad groups

Ad and ad group opportunities help you edit and refine your ads, show your best ads most often, and organize your ads into better ad groups. You might see these opportunities:

  • Change your ad to get a longer, more noticeable headline: Get a higher clickthrough rate.
  • Create more ads: Get better performing ad groups by finding out which ads appeal to your customers.
  • Add call extensions: Get phone calls directly from your ads.
  • Add sitelink extensions: Get people to specific pages on your website.
  • Add callout extensions: Promote popular or unique aspects of your business.
  • Create new ad groups from existing ones: Group your keywords into themes and create more relevant ads.
  • Optimize your ad rotation: Show your best ads to get more clicks or conversions.

Keywords, targeting, and reach

Keyword, targeting, and reach opportunities can help you reach more people who are interested in what you offer. You might see these opportunities:

  • Add keywords: Reach more potential customers as they search on Google.
  • Add negative keywords: Prevent your ads from showing on irrelevant searches.
  • Broaden your keyword matches to include “phrase match” or “broad match”: Find people who are searching for the exact phrase of your keyword, or a close variation of it.
  • Target Google search partners: Show your ads on Google search partner websites.
  • Show ads on mobile devices: Expand your reach to mobile.
  • Improve your mobile site: Improve your impact and conversion rates by creating a mobile-friendly website. 
  • Add audiences: Get information on people who are important to you.

Bids and budgets

Bid and budget opportunities can help you get more impressions and clicks. They may also help you improve your Ad Rank. You might see these opportunities:

  • Raise your budgets: Keep your ads running on your busiest days.
  • Use standard ad delivery: Stretch out your limited budget.
  • Raise your bids: Show your ads more often than advertisers like you.
  • Lower your bids: Get more clicks for the same budget.
  • Use estimated top of page bids: Show your ads above search results.
  • Use estimated first page bids: Show your ads on the first page of search results.
  • Change your keyword bids: Invest more in keywords that convert well.
  • Set location bid adjustments: Focus on areas where visitors are most likely to convert.
  • Change mobile bid adjustments: Be more competitive on mobile.
  • Set ad scheduling bid adjustments: Get more clicks during less expensive parts of the day.
  • Change product group bids in your Shopping campaign: Get more traffic for the same cost.
  • Use Target CPA bidding: Get as many conversions as possible at the Target CPA you set.
  • Set audience bid adjustments: Reach people who are important to you. 

Account Health Score for Search

Account Health Score for Search measures how well your Search Network campaigns are configured and gives you a set of recommendations that will raise your score and help your campaigns' performance. This is a good place to start for advertisers who want to better understand how to optimize their campaigns. Learn more about your Account Health Score for Search.  

Working with opportunities

Organize your opportunities

To more effectively manage and evaluate your opportunities, use the filter and sort options from the drop-down menu:

  • Filter: Filter your opportunities to focus in on certain criteria. For example, you can filter your new keyword opportunities by campaign to only see opportunities that are related to a certain campaign.
  • Sort: Sort your opportunities according to your goals. For example, you can sort your new keyword opportunities by relevance, change in clicks or impressions, or campaign name. 

Apply an opportunity

To apply an opportunity, click Apply. To apply all opportunities, click the three-dot icon on the top right of the page (under Opportunities), and then click Apply all. New keywords may need to await review and approval before they are eligible to trigger your ad.

If you apply an opportunity in error, you can undo it in "Change history."

Track performance

All of the approved opportunities you've applied will appear in your account's change history. Wait at least two weeks before evaluating how the changes have affected your account’s performance.

Remember your business goals

You know your products and goals best. If an opportunity doesn't seem relevant to your ad campaign or appropriate for your advertising goals, dismiss it by clicking the X in the corner. 

Why you might not see opportunities

Opportunities won't always be available for every campaign at all times. There are a few common reasons why you might not see opportunities.

If you don’t see opportunities in your tab, be sure to check back again soon -- AdWords regularly discovers opportunities for you, and also launches new opportunity types.

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