Optimization score and recommendations in campaign construction

To make sure your campaigns are set up for success right from the start and to make the creation of new campaigns a little easier, we are providing optimization score and recommendations during the campaign construction for Performance Max and Search campaigns.

Optimization score is an estimate of how well your Google Ads campaign is set to perform.

Scores range from 0–100%, with 100% meaning your campaign can perform at its full potential.

With optimization score, we also provide recommendations on how to improve the overall score of your campaigns. Recommendations in Google Ads are dedicated to helping you improve your campaigns and your optimization score. Each recommendation provides customized suggestions and can introduce you to new, relevant features or help you get more out of your budget by improving your bidding, keywords, and ads. Recommendations can help optimize your targeting and work to increase the overall performance and efficiency of your campaigns.

How it works

Optimization Score during campaign construction

An image showing where advertisers can find their ad campaign optimization score in Google Ads

Optimization score during campaign creation is calculated in real-time, based on the settings of your new campaign as well as the statistics and status of your account and campaigns, the relevant impact of available recommendations, and recent recommendations history (if available). Changing your campaign settings and applying available recommendations changes the overall optimization score of your account. The higher the score, the better we estimate your Google Ads campaign to perform.

Recommendations during campaign construction

An image showing where to click to apply optimized ad rotation

Recommendations surfacing in campaign construction help you identify opportunities for improvement and make it easier for you to follow best practices:

  • Recommendations tap into a lot of data from the past, like your other campaigns’ performances (if available), our known best practices, and what people search for on Google, to give you an idea of how each recommendation might improve your performance.
  • Recommendations automatically look for suggestions for you, so that you can focus on making decisions instead of conducting research.
  • Going forward, recommendations keep your campaigns fresh: Have you been using the same keywords in other campaigns or for a long time? Is your targeting set up to attract the right audience at the right time? Is your bidding set up to perform according to your goal?
After creating your campaign, you can always revisit your optimization score and recommendations by navigating to the “Recommendations” tab in Google Ads.

Note: Because optimization score always reflects the most up-to-date opportunities, applying one recommendation may unlock new opportunities for your campaign. Recommendations are subject to change over time to align with Google Ads best practices to maximize performance. Please return to this page regularly to stay up-to-date about which recommendations are available and how they work.

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