Setting bid adjustments

Sometimes a click is worth more to you if it comes from a mobile device, at a certain time of the day, or from specific locations. By setting bid adjustments, you can increase or decrease your bids to gain more control over when and where your ad is shown.

What are bid adjustments?

A bid adjustment represents a percentage change in your bids. You can increase or decrease every bid in your campaign to bid more or less competitively across devices, locations, time of day, and more. You can also adjust your bids based on how your ads perform, helping to improve your return on investment (ROI).

Your spending on individual clicks may vary as your bids increase or decrease according to the adjustments you’ve set, but your overall daily budget won't change.

Types of bid adjustments

Device bid adjustments

Use mobile bid adjustments to bid more or less competitively for searches that occur on mobile devices. You can set a mobile bid adjustment for an entire campaign or individual ad groups.

Bidding for devices with larger screens, like desktops, laptops and tablets, is grouped together. Users’ search behavior on these larger devices is very similar, and likewise, overall advertiser performance is very similar across these devices. Available at the campaign and ad group level.

Guide me: Set a mobile bid adjustment

Click the "Show me how" button below to go to your account and be guided through setting a bid adjustment for mobile devices. Or, you can read the instructions below on how to set a bid adjustment.
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Location bid adjustments

Use location bid adjustments to increase or decrease your bids depending on whether your customers are in certain countries, cities, or other geographic areas. You can also use location extension targeting to set different bids for customers who are located around your business. Available at the campaign level.

Ad scheduling bid adjustments

Use ad scheduling bid adjustments to increase or decrease your bids for specific days of the week, times, and more for campaigns that use custom ad scheduling, an advanced setting that lets you specify certain hours or days of the week when you want your AdWords ads to show. Available at the campaign level.

Targeting methods bid adjustments

Set bid adjustments for topics, placements, and other targeting methods in campaign types that show ads on the Display Network (see this table for details). Available at the ad group level. Learn more about improved bidding features on the Display Network.

Remarketing lists for search ads bid adjustments

You can set bid adjustments for remarketing lists in your ad groups if you’d like to show ads to people on these lists. For example, you could increase your bid by 25% for those who previously viewed your website in the last 30 days. Available at the ad group level. Read more about AdWords remarketing lists for search ads.

The basics of setting bid adjustments

Bid adjustments are set by percentages. Say you've set a max CPC bid of US$1. If you know that your campaign performs well on mobile devices, you can set bid adjustments to increase your bids for mobile to try to capture all available traffic. For example, you could set a +20% adjustment for searches on mobile devices, resulting in a final bid amount of US$1.20. Here's the math:

Starting bid: $1
Mobile adjustment: $1 + (+20%) = $1.20
Resulting bid for searches on mobile devices: $1.20

In another example, let’s you have a US$1 bid and would like to decrease it. To adjust it to US$0.80, select -20% (not +80%, which will cause your bid to increase to US$1.80).


  • If you set a mobile bid adjustment at the campaign-level and ad group-level in a single campaign, the ad group mobile bid adjustment will be used when determining your bid.
  • If you don’t want to show ads on mobile devices at all, select -100% (not 0%) to opt out. Note that if the campaign mobile bid adjustment is -100%, then the ad group mobile bid adjustment won't be used.
  • If you set multiple adjustments, they'll be multiplied together to determine how much your bid will increase or decrease. Read "How multiple bid adjustments work" below for details about how your resulting adjustment is determined.

How to set location, ad schedule, and device bid adjustments

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click the Campaigns tab at the top.
  3. Choose a campaign. If you want to set bid adjustments for devices, you also have the option to choose an ad group.
  4. Click the Settings tab.
  5. Choose the Locations, Ad schedule, or Devices subtab.Set bid adjustment
  6. Click the cell in the "Bid adj." column of the row you want to adjust.
  7. Choose "Increase by" or "Decrease by" from the drop-down, and enter a number.
  8. Click Save.

Setting bid adjustments in bulk: To set bid adjustments for multiple rows on the Locations or Ad schedule subtabs, select the checkbox next to each row, then click the Set bid adjustment button. Enter your adjustment and click Save.


  • To remove a bid adjustment, leave the bid adjustment field empty in step 7 above, and click Save.
  • From your Settings tab, use the Locations and Ad schedule subtabs to edit your location targeting and ad scheduling, and see reporting. You can also view reporting for your mobile device bids on the Devices subtab.
  • You can use AdWords Editor, a free downloadable application for managing your account, to make bulk changes to your bid adjustments. The process is simple: download your account, make your changes, and then upload your revised campaigns when the changes are finalized.
Bid adjustment ranges
  • Locations / ad scheduling (campaign-level): -90% to +900%
  • Mobile devices (campaign and ad group-level): -90% to +300%, or you can set to -100% to opt out of mobile ads. Note: For call-only ads on mobile devices, this +300% cap does not apply.
  • Targeting methods (ad group-level): -90% to +900%
  • Remarketing lists for search ads (ad group-level):-90% to +900%
Requirements for bid adjustments

Bid strategies

Automatic bidding: It's not possible to set bid adjustments for day and time if your campaign is using automatic bidding. Conversion Optimizer: Only a 100% decrease for mobile devices can be used with Conversion Optimizer.

Campaign types

Campaign type Device bid adjustments Location bid adjustments Ad scheduling bid adjustments Targeting method bid adjustments
Search Network only: Standard Yes No No No
Search Network only (All features, Dynamic Search Ads, Product Listing Ads) Yes Yes Yes Yes (Audiences)
Display Network only (All features) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Display Network only (Mobile apps) Yes No Yes Yes
Display Network only (Remarketing, Engagement) Yes No Yes Yes
Search Network with Display Select: Standard Yes No No No
Search Network with Display Select: All features Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shopping Yes Yes Yes No
How multiple bid adjustments work

When you set more than one bid adjustment in your campaign, the adjustments are multiplied to determine the resulting bid adjustment. Read on to learn how multiple mobile and location bid adjustments are determined.

Multiple mobile bid adjustments

If you set a mobile bid adjustment at the campaign-level and also at the ad group-level, the ad group mobile bid adjustment will be used to determine the resulting bid adjustment. As previously mentioned, if the campaign-level mobile bid adjustment is -100%, then the ad group-level mobile bid adjustment won't be used.

Multiple location bid adjustments

Multiple adjustments that apply to the same location won't be combined. If you set an adjustment of +50% for France, and +100% for Paris, only the adjustment for Paris, the most specific location, will be used for traffic from users in Paris.


Say you're running a campaign that targets the U.S. and is scheduled to run all days of the week. And, you've set an ad group max CPC bid of US$1. You decide to add a +20% bid adjustment for California, and a -50% adjustment for Saturday. Your resulting bid for a search that occurs in California on a Saturday will be US$0.60. Here's the math:

Starting bid: $1
California adjustment: $1 x (+20%) = $1.20
Saturday adjustment: $1.20 x (-50%) = $0.60
Resulting bid for searches in California on Saturday: $0.60

Keep in mind that the bid adjustments you set will apply across all targeting settings, like devices, locations, time of day, and days of week. Using the above example, this means that the +20% bid adjustment you set for California also applies for all searches in California on the remaining days of the week (Sunday through Friday) since your campaign is scheduled to run all days of the week. And, the +50% bid adjustment you set for Saturday also applies for searches occurring in all states since your campaign targets the entire U.S.


Use our calculator to help determine your resulting bid adjustment. In All campaigns, under Settings, on the All settings subtab, look for the calculator icon in the "Active bid adjustments" column. (You may have to add the column first). You can also find the calculator in the settings summary at the top of individual campaign pages.

Bid adjustment options for campaigns running on the Display Network

In addition to setting bid adjustments across your campaign, you can also set them for mobile devices and targeting methods like topics or placements in an ad group. These adjustments will be multiplied by your default or custom bid and by any bid adjustments you've set for your entire campaign. Learn more about Display Network bidding improvements.

For "Display Network only" campaigns, you first select a custom bid for a single targeting method, then set adjustments for your other targeting methods. If you don't select a custom bid, we'll use your ad group default bid.


Your pet supplies business is running a "Display Network only - All features" campaign. You know that your keyword sparkly dog collar performs well on Thursdays, and when you target the "Pets and Animals" topic.

First, you set a custom bid of $3.00 for the sparkly dog collar keyword. Then you set a bid adjustment of +10% for Thursdays, and +20% for the "Pets and Animals" topic. Your bid adjustment looks like this:

Custom bid: $3.00
Thursday adjustment: $3 x (+10%) = $3.30
"Pets and Animals" topic adjustment: $3.30 x (+20%) = $3.96
Resulting bid for Thursdays on sites that match the keyword sparkly dog collar and the "Pets and Animals" topic: $3.96

How to set Display Network bid adjustments

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click the Campaigns tab.
  3. Go to the Display Network tab.
  4. Click on the Topics, Placements, Interests & Remarketing, Gender or Age tab depending on which type of targeting method you want to change.
  5. Check the boxes of the rows you want to change. You can select multiple rows at once.
  6. From the Edit menu, select Change bid adjustment....
  7. Enter your bid adjustment and click Save. Your bid adjustment will appear in the “Bid adj.” column.
Bid adjustments that were removed still appear in settings summary

Do you see bid adjustments listed in the settings summary at the top of your campaign pages, even though they aren't listed in the table below? If you removed a bid adjustment by entering 0 in the adjustment window, it will still appear as an "Active bid adjustment" in the settings summary. To correct this, just open the bid adjustment window, leave the adjustment field empty, and click Save.

Bid adjustments and budgets

If you set a bid adjustment that increases your bids, then your resulting bid may increase the number of auctions your ad is eligible for. In turn, a higher resulting bid can lead to your campaign becoming "limited by budget". In that case, your budget may prevent you from getting all the new traffic available for your campaign.

It's important to keep in mind that a campaign that's "limited by budget" can still be successful and help you meet your advertising goals. However, if your campaign becomes "limited by budget" after setting a bid adjustment, consider increasing your budget to increase clicks, or lowering your bids or bid adjustments to get more clicks for your limited budget.


Let's say you set a bid of $1 and a daily budget of US$100, and your campaign is getting about 200 clicks and spending US$95 per day (it isn't “limited by budget”). Then, you set a bid adjustment that results in a +100% increase for searches in Chicago on mobile devices, or a resulting bid of US$2.00.

Since your increased resulting bid causes your ad to be eligible for more auctions, you would need to spend US$150 to acquire all the possible clicks for your newly available traffic. But if your daily budget remains US$100, your traffic will be "limited by budget." This means that the increase in your resulting bid might increase your cost-per-click (CPC). And, if your daily budget isn't changed, you might decrease the number of clicks your ads can get.

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