Update to local legal requirements policy in Japan (June 2020)

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On June 30th, 2020, Google will update its policy for online dating services ads in Japan. After this change, advertisers offering online dating services targeting Japan will be required to be certified by Google before they can advertise through Google Ads.

To be certified by Google, advertisers will need to:

  • Be registered with the Public Safety Commission (公安委員会)
  • Require age verification checks on users of services using identification documents such as driver licenses
  • Ensure they are not facilitating compensated dating and/or sex, and prohibiting it in their terms of use or community guidelines

Advertisers can request certification with Google starting June 30th, 2020 when the application form is published. This policy will apply globally to all accounts that advertise these products and services targeting Japan. The legal requirements policy page will be updated once the policy goes into effect. 


(Posted June 2020)

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