US Election Google Ads Policy Updates

Current as of January 14th, 2021

Since January 6, we have enacted a limited Sensitive events policy, per our standard policies, given the violent events in Washington DC.

Starting on Thursday, January 14, we will be expanding our Sensitive events enforcement to US election-related content, including ads which reference the candidates, the election, its outcome, the upcoming presidential inauguration, the ongoing presidential impeachment process, violence at the US Capitol, or future planned protests on these topics. There will not be any carve outs or appeals for this policy.

For more information on Google Ads policies, please visit the Advertising policies help page.


How can advertisers ensure their ads are policy compliant?

Please familiarize yourself with our policies.

How is Google Ads fighting misinformation and bad ads around the US Election?

We are working hard to quickly remove ads that violate our policies, including demonstrably false information that significantly undermines trust in elections.

If you find ad content that violates this policy, please report it using these instructions.

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