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Opportunities and experiments

About Auto optimise

Let Google run optimisation experiments for you

You can let Google run experiments on your ad format settings and automatically apply any improvements to your revenue or user experience. You'll be notified when experiments finish, and you can undo any changes made, as long as the underlying settings haven't changed since the experiment ended. If you'd like to review the results of the experiments first, you can choose to apply improvements manually instead.

How Auto optimise works for content ads

For content ads, Auto optimise tests new settings on 50% of your traffic.

Which content ad settings are experimented on?

Ad settings such as sizing, placements and formats will be optimised for the best performance. Examples of this may include:

  • Your Auto ads formats, and any sites where you’ve set up Auto ads
  • Ad size optimisation
  • Native ad unit settings
Note: Other settings, such as blocking controls or privacy settings, will not be experimented on.

How Auto optimise works for search ads

For search ads, Auto optimise tests new settings on 5% of your traffic.

Which search ad settings are experimented on?

Auto optimise tests different layouts and features, for example, running experiments on standard templates for search styles. The experiments respect the visual identity that you've defined for your styles. We'll maintain the look and feel of your site while experiments are running. Auto optimise can discover better performing settings and ultimately generate you more revenue.

Example of auto optimise in Google ads.

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