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Custom Search Ads

About Custom Search Ads

Custom Search Ads is a Google product that lets you monetize the search results pages of your own search experience. If you don't already have a search experience on your site, consider adding an AdSense search engine, which can provide both a search experience and revenue from search ads.

If you think that your site may be a good fit for Custom Search Ads, we encourage you to read more and sign up. We'll review your site and let you know when you can start using Custom Search Ads.


  • More relevance, more revenue: Custom Search Ads uses the search query to deliver highly targeted, relevant ads. The result is satisfied users and more revenue.
  • As seen on Google: leverage the expertise and unique ad formats found on Google while accessing our partner network of over one million advertisers.
  • Native and fully styleable: search ads can be styled to match the look and feel of your site. Size, location, color and font are all in your control.

How Custom Search Ads works

You place search ads on your site or in your app by adding a few lines of code. You can have multiple search ads on your page, located in multiple ad containers. For example, you might have ads above your search results, to the right of them, interspersed within them, or at the end of your page. Where you choose to place your search ads is up to you. Custom Search Ads calls out to Google and gets ads for all of the ad containers on your page with a single efficient request.

Custom search styles

Custom search styles let you style the ads in your search results feed to match your site. Custom search styles are designed for:

  • A better user experience: they fit naturally on your site and provide a more attractive experience for your visitors.
  • A great look and feel across different screen sizes: the ads are built to look great on all platforms: the mobile web, desktop and within apps.
  • Ease of use: easy-to-use editing tools within AdSense help you make the ads look great on your site.

Implementing a custom search style

To implement a custom search style on your search results page:

  1. Create a custom search style
  2. Get the code for your custom search style
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