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Troubleshoot low match rate

Your apps may experience less demand from Google while we evaluate your traffic quality. This can occur for up to a week after a new app or ad unit is created. 

Wait one week before seeking additional help. If you’re still seeing low match rate after one week, review the following tips:

Account changes 

  • Check your implementation. Learn more.
  • Review recent changes to your account to determine if they may be contributing to low match rate. 
  • Review your blocking controls. Blocking any ad will lower your match rate, as it reduces competition for your ad space by removing advertiser bids from the auction.
  • Check your maximum ad content rating. Adjusting the size of your audience can affect your revenue. 
  • Review your floor settings. High floors can lead to limited match rate. 

Ad serving changes

Usage changes

  • Review any changes you’ve made to your app to ensure they’re not causing the issues.
  • Check for crashes and application not responding (ANR) errors for your apps (Android, iOS).
  • Use your reports to check key metrics. For example, review the daily active users metric to understand if less users are accessing your app.
  • Check if users had a regional holiday. Holidays can affect traffic, which can affect your earnings. Use your reports to filter by country and by date range. 
  • Look at the bigger picture. Has there historically been a drop or spike in metrics at this time of year? Use your reports to expand the date range of the report.
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