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Overview of the Ad review center

The Ad review center is a feature that gives you more transparency and control over the ads that appear in your apps. With the Ad review center, you can review individual ads and assess whether you want to continue showing them in your apps. This tool is available to all AdMob developers and is particularly useful for brand-conscious publishers.

Note: Any actions you take to block ads in the Ad review center apply at the account level, not the individual app level.

To use the Ad review center:

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Click Blocking controls in the sidebar.
  3. Click Go to Ad Review Center
The Ad Mob interface showing blocking controls in the ad review center.

The Ad review center lets you review and take action on the individual ads that may appear in your apps. On the Reviewed tab you'll find the ads shown on your site that you've already reviewed. Ads you've blocked in the past are found on the Blocked tab. Learn more about reviewing ads in the Ad review center.

In addition to blocking individual ads, you can block ads from Google Ads advertisers that have shown ads in your apps.

Note: Ad review center applies to all ads, including ads served through Ad Exchange. The exception is that it doesn't apply to CPM reservation ads or ads served from third-party ad networks through AdMob Mediation.
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