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Campaign FAQs

Below are the answers to frequently asked questions about campaigns.

Why am I seeing a low match rate for my mediated backfill campaigns?

It could be because of the following reasons:

  • When the AdMob Network receives an ad request, the AdMob Network can either serve a paid ad (an ad that earns revenue) or a mediated house ad instead. 
    • If the AdMob Network tries to serve a paid ad but later the paid ad fails to serve, the mediated house ad can’t be shown after the fact.  
    • Mediated house ads are inserted into your mediation waterfall with your ad sources. If the waterfall takes too long to execute, the opportunity to serve a mediated house ad may be missed. 
  • Mediated backfill campaigns that target rewarded ads respect the eCPM floors set by you. This means that the rewarded ad can’t be served in the campaign for an eCPM lower than the floor set by you.

Why isn’t my campaign serving even though it has a ‘Ready’ status?

If you’re seeing zero campaign installs, clicks, or impressions, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Set up issues:
    • The Google Ads account associated with your AdMob account doesn’t have appropriate billing set up. Ensure that your billing information is up-to-date.
    • If you are seeing zero installs, conversion tracking has not been set up for your promoted app. To set up conversion, navigate to your Google Ads account and follow the instructions.
    • You might be promoting an iOS app on an Android app or vice versa. Ensure that the selected placement apps and ad units are on the same platform (iOS, Android) as the promoted apps. 
    • The promoted app might be excluded from the inventory that can be targeted in Google Ads. You can remove the excluded placement at a campaign level using the following instructions.
    • Campaigns that promote an app within itself will yield no impressions because the users who see the ads already installed the app. For example, you should not promote App A within App A.
  • Google Ads policy issues:
    • Google Ads has policy enforcement in place to support a healthy digital advertising ecosystem. When you have an ad with policy violations, make sure to review the policy and fix the ad to get it running again. Once you make changes and save the creative, it will go through creative review again. 
  • AdMob policy:
    • AdMob campaigns can't be served on apps that target children as an audience. If you've included an app that targets children in your AdMob campaign, you won't see any campaign impressions for that app.  
    • AdMob campaigns won’t serve if the traffic comes from a Google account that’s registered to a child user.

How does AdMob determine which campaign's ad to serve when multiple campaigns are targeting the same ad unit?    

Your campaigns will compete against each other as well as other ad sources in the mediation waterfall. Each campaign will be placed into the mediation waterfall based on their eCPM bid. Even if the campaign goals are the same, their final eCPM bids can be different. 

Why does campaign progress fall behind?

  • Other campaigns may be prioritized higher and may be taking away impressions.
  • There may not be enough impressions available to meet the campaign's goal.
  • Weekday traffic tends to lag behind weekend traffic.

What can I do if a campaign's progress is falling behind?

  • Look at historical trends for the app's traffic to identify patterns. For example, apps that are popular on the weekends may see a surge in traffic that can make up for falling behind during the week.
  • Make sure the campaign can serve ads. A campaign will not serve ads, for example, if there aren’t any ads available that are suitable for the platform. For example, if you've targeted Android, but you've only uploaded ads that can serve on iOS.

If you’re confident that the campaign will not complete the goal, you may need to take action:

  • Talk to the advertiser and see if you can broaden the targeting or extend the end date.
  • Look at other campaigns that might compete for impressions to see if the CPM or CPC rate is accurate. If it isn’t, fix the rate for those campaigns.
  • If the campaign is critical, you might try increasing the CPM or CPC rate to reflect the make good value along with the actual rate of the campaign.

When do my campaigns serve ads?

When an ad unit requests an ad, AdMob reviews your campaigns for a potential match based on campaign goals. If an ad isn’t served from one of your campaigns, the ad request moves on to the networks in your mediation stack.

AdMob uses the campaign goals and CPM you set when you create a new campaign to optimize your campaigns for maximum revenue and improve the number of high-quality clicks and impressions your ads receive. You should set accurate campaign goals to ensure your campaigns are fully optimized.

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