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About deactivated AdMob accounts

AdMob accounts are deactivated if they haven’t served any ads for six months. To reactivate your account, sign in to your AdMob account and follow these steps.

How to reactivate your account

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Check the checkbox to confirm that you’d like your account to be re-approved. 
  3. Click Start verification process
  4. Verify your phone number

Once you verify your phone number, you can continue to your AdMob account. Note that we’ll run a few checks to make sure your account is ready to show ads. This typically takes no more than 24 hours, but can sometimes take longer. If we find a problem during our checks, you may lose access to your account. 

Note: If you no longer need your AdMob account, you can cancel your AdMob account after you reactivate it.


Can I still sign in to my account after it's been deactivated?

To sign into your AdMob account, follow the steps to reactivate your account. Once your phone number is verified, you can view your AdMob account.

Can I still access my earnings after my account has been deactivated?

To access any outstanding earnings, you can reactivate your AdMob account or access your earnings in your AdSense account. Ensure that you’ve completed the requirements to receive your final payment.

When I reactivate my account will I have to verify my address by PIN again?

No. If you've previously verified your address by PIN, you won't need to verify it again. However, we will ask you to go through phone PIN verification.

My AdMob account has been deactivated, and I am not seeing the option to re-submit for approval. What happened?

Some AdMob accounts without any activity, data, or payment information on file have been deactivated without the option to restore. If you’d like to use AdMob, you can open a new AdMob account with the same email address. 
Note: The term used for account deactivation in AdSense is “account reset”.
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