Ad Manager notifications

Learn about important events in Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager notifications help you track important events in Ad Manager, such as line items that are under-delivering or creatives that have been disabled because malware was detected.

To view notifications:

  1. Click the bell Notifications to open a panel with notifications.
  2. Click a notification type to get more details. If you're all caught up, you won't see any types listed.
  3. Click on a notification to learn more or click to dismiss the notification.

A bold notification type means that there are new notifications since your last visit to the notifications panel. The number in parenthesis directly next to the name is the total number of existing notifications. A blue chip will display the number of new notifications. For instance:

Policy Violation (8)      

To get back to the list of notification types, click back .

Normal weight notifications have been previously seen but not yet resolved. For instance:

Policy Violation (8)

Notification types

There are different kinds of notification types:

Errors. Need to be fixed to resume normal or optimal system behavior
Warnings. Calls out problems that could lead to undesirable system behavior
Information. Contains useful or relevant information to keep Ad Manager running as smoothly as possible

Here are some examples of notification categories you may see.


  Programmatic Direct
  • Publishers using Programmatic Direct receive email messages and alerts about events related to their programmatic business. These events include when buyers of programmatic guaranteed proposals:
    • Upload creatives for a finalized proposal 

Personalize notifications

Personalize your notifications in the Settings menu Settings. You can tell Ad Manager what types of notifications interest you or see notification types you've muted, if you want Ad Manager to display them again.

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