Notifications for Programmatic Direct

Notifications help you identify what you need to do next for your proposal

You can determine how often to get email notification on your user settings page, either as a daily summary or immediately as events occur. If your work is time sensitive, best practice suggests you receive notifications immediately.

To set email notifications and frequency:

  1. Access settings by clicking More More in the upper right then Settings.
  2. On your user setting page, next to “Notification settings”:
    • Enable System notifications.
    • Set "Frequency"—the Digest option provides a daily summary of notifications, while Immediate sends email notifications immediately as events occur.
  3. Click Save.

Ensure that messages from are not sent to spam or trash.

An administrator can change a user's email settings by editing the user's profile. Below are the different types of Ad Manager notifications you can receive.

The phrase "Proposal name" stands in for the actual proposal name, and "Buyer name" stands in for the actual buyer name.

Notification Recipients
Buyer has terminated the proposal Proposal name Users assigned as primary salesperson, primary trafficker, secondary trafficker, seller contact, or proposal creator
Buyer name has proposed changes to the proposal
Buyer name has accepted the proposal
Creatives uploaded by Buyer name
Push error on programmatic proposal
The proposal Proposal name has been paused by the buyer
The proposal Proposal name has been resumed by the buyer
Buyer has terminated the proposal Proposal name
The proposal Proposal name has been initiated by the buyer Email addresses specified in "Buyer visibility" settings. Learn more

Display & Video 360 buyers only

Notifications outlined here apply only to transactions with buyers on Display & Video 360. Buyers on other platforms, including Authorized Buyers, may not support these statuses.

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