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Ad Manager displays the orders that you've created or have been assigned as primary or secondary trafficker, or primary or secondary salesperson. Click All orders to see all orders that you have permission to view. If you'd rather see the list of all orders whenever you sign into Ad Manager, you can bookmark the "All orders" page in your browser and use that as your sign-in page.

Having trouble with delivery?

Take a look at Troubleshooting tools at a glance. This article lists an assortment of tools in and outside of Ad Manager that can help you uncover issues. If you're using third-party creatives, take a look at the Troubleshoot third-party creatives guide.

Help me troubleshoot delivery


Ad Manager updates statuses automatically depending on where line items are in their lifecycle. One or more of the following statuses appear next to line items in the "Orders" section.

Line item statuses from one to ten
   Pre-delivery statuses (1-6) Statuses once delivery has begun (6-10)

Pre-delivery statuses

For line items that haven't yet started delivery.

 1 Draft Line item is part of an order that has not been approved.
 2 Pending approval Requires approval from account administrator to deliver.
 3 Disapproved Line item was disapproved by an account administrator.
 4 Inactive The line item isn't yet delivering. Line items remain inactive as long as they still need creatives (see below) and haven't been activated manually. If your network has been set to prevent automatic line item activation, all line items will remain inactive until they've been manually activated.
 5 Ready

Line items marked as "Ready" have been activated but haven't started delivery. It can take up to an hour after activation for the status to change from "Ready" to "Delivering." 

Ad Manager typically delivers the first impression within approximately 30 minutes. Once the first impression is delivered, reports are updated and the line item status changes. This same timeframe applies to all changes you make to a line item.

If your line item is in "Ready" status for longer than expected, try troubleshooting delivery.

Status that can appear before or during delivery

This can appear either before a line item begins to deliver or while it's delivering.

 6 Needs creatives Line item is missing one or more of the creatives specified for it. Learn more about missing creatives.

Statuses once delivery has begun

For line items that have begun delivery.

 7 Delivering Line item is serving ad impressions.
 8 Delivery extended Line item is past its end date and is delivering as fast as possible to meet its goals within the specified extension window. The forecasting system considers line items with this status to be complete, so you can’t run a forecast on them.
 9 Paused Delivery has been paused. Resume line item to continue ad delivery. To be resumed, the line item must have at least one creative assigned.
10 Completed Line item end date has been reached and the line item has stopped delivering.

Statuses for non-delivering line items

For line items that never delivered or have stopped delivery.

Inventory released

Line item with previously reserved inventory has been paused or canceled, or a line item that never reserved inventory. You need to reserve inventory for this line item to deliver.

Archived Line item is not delivering and has been removed from active lists.

Other indicators

Other line item indicators, not technically statuses, help you manage line item delivery. 

Needs creatives

Line item is missing one or more of the creatives specified for it. This can appear either before a line item begins to deliver or while it's delivering.

A line item is categorized as "Needs creatives" when it's missing one or more of the creatives specified for it. For example, the line item might have no creatives, be missing a creative of a given size, or have fewer creatives of a given size than specified. This indicator is also displayed when:

  • Line item inventory sizes don't match ad unit sizes or placement sizes.
  • If you've set frequency cap labels for creative sizes within the line item, Ad Manager will check for creatives with matching labels and sizes; if they're missing, the "Needs creatives" status is displayed.
  • Likewise, if you've defined frequency cap labels in the creative settings but not in the line item, the "Needs creatives" status is displayed.
  • The "Needs creatives" status is also displayed when time gaps exist between line item flight dates and creative flight dates.

This status can be shown in addition to one of the other statuses listed above. However, this status is never shown for line items that are "Pending approval," "Completed," "Disapproved," or "Archived." Because these line items are not running and not expected to begin shortly, there's no need to add creatives.

Line items can be delivered even if they need creatives, as long as they have at least one creative and have been manually activated.

Expected to underdeliver

While not a line item status, you can see which line items are predicted to underdeliver with the "Expected to underdeliver" filter. Insufficient inventory, or not enough available impressions, are the primary reasons for underdelivery of a line item.

List line items or orders

You can list line items or orders with line items that meet various conditions. Filter the "Line items" or "Orders" tables by clicking the tabs above the table. Each tab corresponds to a condition. For example, navigating to Orders and then Starting soon shows you orders with line items starting within 5 days.

Delivery and then Orders  and then Tab

Delivery and then Line items and then Tab

Filtering tables in this way helps you find orders and line items that require your attention.

Conditions include:

All line items (or "All orders" if on orders table) Inactive
My line items (or "My orders" if on orders table) Needs creatives
Delivering Inventory released
Starting soon (starting within 5 days) Pending approval
Ending soon (ending within 3 days) Completed
Ready Disapproved
Paused Draft
Starred Archived
Programmatic Video
Delivery extended Expected to underdeliver
Recently viewed (last 200 orders)  

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