Ad Manager notifications

Learn about important events with alerts in Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager notifications help you track important events in Ad Manager, such as line items that are under-delivering or creatives that have been deactivated because malware was detected.

View notifications

To view notifications:

  1. Click Notifications to open the notifications panel.
  2. Click a notification type to get more details. If you're all caught up, you won't have any notifications listed.
  3. Click on a notification to learn more or click Dismiss to dismiss the notification.

A bold notification type means that there are new notifications since your last visit to the notifications panel. The number in parenthesis directly next to the name is the total number of existing notifications. A blue chip will display the number of new notifications. For instance:


Policy violation (8)      

New notification chip in the Ad Manager interface

To get back to the list of notification types, click Back.

Normal weight notifications have been previously shown but not yet resolved. For instance:


Policy violation (8)

Personalize notifications

Click Settings to personalize your notifications. You can tell Ad Manager what types of notifications interest you or display notification types you've muted, if you want Ad Manager to display them again.

Notification types

There are different kinds of notification types:

Symbol Description
Error Errors. Need to be fixed to resume normal or optimal system behavior
Warning Warnings. Calls out problems that could lead to undesirable system behavior
Info Information. Contains useful or relevant information to keep Ad Manager running as smoothly as possible

Delivery notifications

Delivery notifications alert you to changes that have been made which affect the delivery of your ads. You can learn more about how delivery works and troubleshoot your line item delivery.

Type Name Details
Error Missing creatives A line item is missing one or more of the creatives specified for it. Learn more about the status of a line item.
Error Underdelivery Underdelivery is a lost opportunity for your line item to meet its goals. Learn more about forecasting of underdelivery.
Error Malware detected Occurs when malware appears. This will update if the malware has been subsequently cleared. Learn about what triggers malware and how to prevent it.
Info Malware cleared Previous malware errors have been addressed and do not require further action.
Error VAST error The Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) errors can be "fatal" or "non-fatal" errors. Resolve VAST errors

Programmatic Direct

Publishers using Programmatic Direct receive email messages and alerts about events related to their programmatic business. These events include when buyers of programmatic guaranteed proposals upload creatives for a finalized proposal or when there's a new buyer initiated proposal. Review the list of all programmatic-related notifications.

Proposal notifications

Type Name Details
Info Buyer initiated proposal Buyer has initiated a request for proposal. Learn more about buyer initiated proposals.
Info Buyer cancelled proposal Buyer has cancelled a request for proposal. Learn more about proposal negotiation statuses and stages.
Info Buyer changed proposal Buyer has changed a request for proposal. Learn more about proposal negotiation statuses and stages.
Info Buyer uploaded creatives Creatives uploaded by the buyer are approved by Google before Programmatic Direct campaigns run. Learn more about creative hosting
Info Order updated from proposal The buyer has changed the RFP and your order was updated. Learn more about proposal negotiation statuses and stages.
Info Buyer accepted proposal The buyer accepted the proposal. Learn more about proposal negotiation statuses and stages.
Error Programmatic proposal push error

Details will vary, but they’re related to issues that prevent successful order or line item creation/update.

"Ad Manager was unable to reserve inventory or was unable to create or update corresponding line items for proposal. Some key-values included in targeting for proposal line items were deactivated in your network. Remove these key-values and try again."

To learn more specifics:

  1. Reopen the proposal
  2. Click Apply changes (without making changes to the proposal or its proposal line items)
  3. An error message should appear giving more details on the problematic value(s) that you need to address through either reactivation, unarchiving, or removal.
Error Proposal needs attention There has been a sync error with your proposal. Learn more about programmatic proposals.
Error Proposal draft not sent to buyer Ad Manager was unable to reserve inventory or was unable to create or update corresponding line items for proposal.
If a buyer accepted a previous version of the proposal, a modified draft was not sent to the buyer. Discard the draft within 7 days and allow the previous version to be finalized.

Policy and administrative notifications

Type Name Details
Warning Policy violation If Google detects a policy violation, it will either temporarily pause or permanently deactivate the creative from serving. Remove policy violations
Info Better Ads Standards violations Google systems have detected ad experiences that violate the Better Ads Standards. Visit the Ad Experience Report to identify the issues.
Error Deprecated API in use Your network is using a deprecated API. Get started with the Ad Manager API

Video notifications

Type Name Details
Error Sync error The video has sync errors. View all sync errors
Error VOD ingest error If Ad Manager encounters an issue while ingesting content from the defined MRSS feed URL, an email is sent to any active user with the "Receive ingestion error notifications for video content with dynamic ad insertion" user role permission. Learn more creating video content.
Info Live stream started The live stream has started. Learn more about livestreams
Info Live stream paused The live stream has been paused and can now be edited. Learn more about livestreams
Error Video creative failed to transcode The video has not transcoded. Get support
Error Video slate failed to transcode The video slate has not transcoded. Get support

Experiment Notifications

You can receive notifications about experiments by updating Notification Settings.

Click the bell icon Notifications and then settingsand then Experiments notifications.

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