Using your Opportunities Home dashboard

Review your available opportunities and experiments

Your Home dashboards supplement reports by showing new opportunities and giving you insights into which of your strategies have been the most effective.

Optimize revenue and validate changes with Ad Manager opportunities and experiments. You can view the projected or actual revenue impact of changing an Ad Exchange rule or setting, and then decide whether to commit to the change.

  • Opportunities are weekly suggestions for how you might earn more revenue, such as changing a pricing rule or unblocking a general Ad Exchange category. You can view the projected revenue impact and decide whether to implement the suggested change. See available opportunity types
  • Experiments let you use actual network traffic to test how applying an opportunity suggestion will impact revenue. You set a fixed impression traffic percentage to see how your change performs compared with the rest of your traffic.

The Opportunities dashboard shows the available opportunities and experiments you may want to implement. Complete the following steps to view your Opportunities Home dashboard:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Home and then Opportunities (at the top).
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