About optimization

Fill your highest-value inventory with the right ads

Optimization for Ad Manager is designed to help you deliver the highest-valued inventory by determining the best ads to serve.

Looking at ad request parameters, historical delivery patterns and user signals, Ad Manager uses a predictive model to estimate the click-through rate (CTR) of an ad and compare it to delivery schedule needs and forecasting. After accounting for delivery goals for all ads eligible to serve the impression, Ad Manager uses the estimated CTR to determine the best ad to serve.

If no historical delivery data is available, your ads serve normally. Over time, as more data becomes available, you'll begin to notice the effects of optimization and results should improve.

This feature is available only for Ad Manager 360 publishers. To enable optimization, contact your account manager.

User rules

User rules help to define and categorize users and are created automatically using predefined signals. Both performance and revenue optimization employ user rules to help predict CTR. Publishers can set up key-values or segments that are added to the automatically created user rules, but user rules will work as intended even if the publisher takes no action. These rules incorporate new data within a number of hours with no waiting period before implementation. 

For example, you might set up a user rule to categorize users browsing with Chrome on Saturday in New York, or users viewing Outdoor Sports content in a leaderboard ad associated with key1=value2.

User rules support multiple signals, including:

  • Inventory unit
  • Key-values
  • User features (geography, OS, browser, domain)
  • Time and day
  • AdSense contextual signals to optimize your ads—we use Google's web crawling infrastructure to analyze the content of your pages along with the content of the click-through URL you specified in Ad Manager.
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