Sales Management and Reconciliation to retire

Learn about the transition to Programmatic Direct

Sales Management and Reconciliation will retire in July 2019 in order to transition to the simplified Programmatic Direct experience. Your organization could opt to discontinue usage of Sales Management earlier. Contact your Ad Manager administrator if you're not sure about your network's dates for transition.

Sales Management and Reconciliation continue to be fully accessible and functional until your organization opts to discontinue usage. Ad Manager administrators can continue to create and manage all objects, including:

  • Products and product templates
  • Product packages
  • Rate cards
  • Workflows

Roles and permissions as well a network-wide settings related to Sales Management remain intact. Sales representatives can continue to create traditional and programmatic proposals based on rate cards, products, and the catalog.

Once transitioned, none of the above mentioned objects will be accessible, and the Reconciliation user interface will also be retired and inaccessible. Roles and permissions as well as all network-wide settings will be retired.

Sales representatives can still negotiate and finalize programmatic campaigns using simplified programmatic proposals under Sales. Programmatic Direct automates the direct-sold reservation sales process. For other types of campaigns, they can use orders and line items.

API and reporting

Sales Management metrics, dimensions, and filters in the Query Tool continue to be available for both traditional and programmatic proposal throughout the transition. Similarly, the Sales Management API continues to be available throughout the transition.

When your network discontinues usage of Sales Management, metrics, dimensions, and filters related to traditional proposals will no longer available. However, Programmatic Direct metrics, dimensions, and filters can continue to be used for your programmatic proposals.

The Sales Management API will retire in July 2019.

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