Manage proposal versions

Learn more about how to review buyer changes, discard drafts, and replace proposals with buyer version

During negotiation, there are multiple versions of a proposal. The version sent to the buyer reflected in Ad Manager is identical to the version the buyer can see in their inbox. If one of you makes changes, there will be a difference between the one in Ad Manager and the one in the buyer's inbox.

This article helps you understand how to manage versions of a proposal. We'll cover:

Review buyer changes

Buyers can propose changes to terms of a proposal during negotiation whether you request acceptance or send for review. All proposed changes are at the proposal line item level. Learn more in Viewable and negotiable fields.

Ad Manager highlights buyer changes to a proposal line item. For example, let's say you started negotiation with a buyer for a Standard CPM line item with a contracted quantity of 1,000,000 impressions at at 4.00 USD CPM. Once sent to the buyer, Ad Manager shows the following:

  • 1,000,000impression
  • 4.00 USDCPM

Suppose that the buyer replies with 2,000,000 impressions at at 3.50 USD CPM. Ad Manager displays the following when visiting the proposal line item:

  • 2,000,000 in orange textimpression1,000,000 crossed out
  • 3.50 USD in orange textCPM4.00 USD crossed out

The orange values are the the buyer's proposed changes, while the strikeout text reflects values of the version you sent to the buyer.

Strikeout text

Strikeout text does not always reflect the last value you sent to the buyer. Strikeout text reflects the value of the previous version prior to the latest version. Often, this is the last value you sent to the buyer but it could also be the last value sent to you by the buyer. The buyer can edit and send a proposal multiple times, and each one is considered a version.

For example, suppose that you receive the proposal with the proposed buyer changes of 2,000,000 impressions at at 3.50 USD CPM (as shown just above). Under this example, you do not edited the proposal. However, the buyer decides to send another version with different proposed changed. This time, the buyer updates values to 1,500,000 impressions at 3.25 USD CPM. Ad Manager now displays:

  • 1,500,000 in orange textimpression2,000,000 crossed out
  • 3.25 USD in orange textCPM3.50 USD crossed out

Notice that the values in strikeout are not the ones you sent to the buyer but the value sent to you by the buyer in the previous version.

If you're unsure about values, use change history to review every iteration of updates.

Strikeout text when editing

  • When you click Edit, fields are populated with buyer values and strikeout text is not visible. When you edit an available field, strikeout text shows the value that used to be in the field (the value that was in orange).
  • Strikeout text is no longer visible once you send the proposal to the buyer.

Affected fields

  • Start and end dates
  • Contracted quantity
  • Rate
  • Audience list targeting

"Audience list targeting" can be added or removed only by the buyer. The "Additional terms" field does not show buyer changes. "Contracted quantity" only appears for Standard CPM line items.

"Billing threshold per day" (for Sponsorship CPD line items) and "Estimated quantity" (for Preferred Deal CPM line items) are not visible to buyers. Preferred Deals in Ad Manager is currently in beta. Learn more about Preferred Deals.

None of the highlighted changes to values during negotiation or renegotiation affect delivery until both you and the buyer accept terms. Learn more in Negotiate proposals and Renegotiate or change finalized proposals.

Replace with buyer version

Buyers can modify their version, and the version in Ad Manager remains unaffected until they send it to you. When you modify your version in Ad Manager, Ad Manager saves a draft. The buyer could then send its version to you in the interim. If so, the proposal you've edited in Ad Manager needs to be replaced with the version the buyer sent. Ad Manager alerts you about the new buyer version when you visit the proposal and prompts you to replace your version with the buyer version.

You can review change history to see values updated in various versions.

Discard draft

A Discard draft option is available after you send a proposal to the buyer and edit it in Ad Manager. When you discard a draft, all changes you've made up to that point are abandoned. The proposal and its proposal line items revert to the last version.

If you've reopen and renegotiate a proposal, the Discard draft behavior is the same. The proposal reverts to its original, finalized state. Orders and line items remain unaffected and the campaign delivers under the originally negotiated term.

Discard draft does not revert to the last version saved. If you've made multiple edits and saved multiple times, intermediate versions are not stored. Only the last version sent by the buyer or the last finalized version are recalled. You can use change history to see intermediate versions.

If the proposal is buyer initiated, then the Discard draft option is available after you edit the proposal for the first time. Discarding a draft in this case is the same: settings revert back to the one last sent to you by the buyer.

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