Viewable & negotiable fields in proposal line items

 Not all fields and settings in proposal line items are visible to the buyer. Fields or settings with this icon in Ad Manager are never visible to the buyer:

  • Not visible to buyer  Not visible to buyer

In addition, only some of what the buyer can see is negotiable. Here's what buyers can view and negotiate:

Setting or value Visible Negotiable Notes
Ad type Yes No Can't be changed once you send the proposal to the buyer for the first time.
Name Yes No  
Line item type Yes No If changes are made to the CPD rate of a delivering programmatic line item, the new rate takes effect on the day on which a buyer accepts the change.  For example, if a change is made today, but the buyer accepts tomorrow, the rate is effective tomorrow.
Creative source Yes No  
Sizes Yes Yes  
Same advertiser exception Yes No  
Additional terms Yes Yes  
Delivery settings Yes Yes

If the setting is display-only for the seller, it’s also display-only for the buyer.

Deliver impressions Yes No  
Display creatives (Roadblocking) Yes Yes  
Creative pre-approval Yes Yes  
Set day and time (Dayparting) Yes Yes  
Frequency caps Yes No  
Geo targeting Yes No

Only geo targeting can be viewed by the buyer, though it is not negotiable. Other targeting is never visible to the buyer and is not negotiable.

If you make changes to geo targeting after the buyer accepts, changes aren’t reflected in the buyer's user interface once the order is updated.

Rate Yes Yes  
Date ranges Yes Yes  
Max duration  Yes Yes  
Goal Yes Yes  

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