From Sales Management to Ad Manager delivery

A Product templates allow you to generate and manage similar kinds of products (D) from a single place in Ad Manager. Learn more.
B Proposals are analogous to orders in Ad Manager—the have all the same settings and information as orders with additional settings for billing and other financial details. You create proposals under the "Sales" tab and can add products (D) from the catalog to the proposal. Learn more.

Orders originate from proposals.

When a proposal's details reflect an agreement you have with a buyer, you can submit a proposal. The proposal may need to pass through a "workflow"—a set of business rules specific to your Ad Manager network. If it does so successfully, Ad Manager creates a corresponding delivery order under the "Delivery" tab with the same settings as the proposal. The proposal under the "Sales" tab is marked as "Finalized" and considered sold.

Workflows are defined by an Ad Manager administrator. Learn more.


Products are generated and managed from a product template.

Products are linked to their product template. Instead of creating or editing individual products, you create or edit product templates. Products are similar to line items and contain many of the same settings. Learn more.


Proposal line items originate from products.

When you select products from the catalog and add them to a proposal, Ad Manager duplicates a product's settings and targeting to a new proposal line item. Both the proposal and its proposal line item are used to negotiate the terms of a sale with a buyer. Learn more.


Line items originate from proposal line items.

Once a proposal is submitted and passes through its workflow, Ad Manager marks the proposal as "Finalized" and creates corresponding delivery line items based on the originating proposal line items. Line items are used for campaign delivery. If necessary, traffickers should add creatives to the line items as creatives are not added to originating proposal line items.

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