Video integration with and without the IMA SDK

Learn the value of Google's IMA SDK

Google's Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDK provides a comprehensive implementation of everything required for client-side video ad playback. This includes ad requesting, parsing, reporting, signal collection, consent management and playback. #imasdk #videosolutions

 An example of how IMA SDK worksThe IMA SDK significantly reduces technical complexity associated with monetizing digital inventory and helps maximize yield from programmatic demand partners by ensuring critical signals needed for Brand Safety, Audience and Measurement features are used by programmatic partners.

The IMA SDK is the preferred SDK for publishers with in-stream inventory, including:

  • Standard linear and non-linear in-stream ads
  • Interactive in-stream ads, such as interactive video ads that expand, and interactive video formats
  • Skippable ads, which give users the choice to skip an ad, leading to a more engaged viewership

The IMA SDK streamlines adoption of new formats, eliminating the need to reimplement player logic. Here are some of the benefits that the IMA SDK brings to publishers:

Compliance and support Standards
The latest IAB standards
Advanced video functionality for direct sales
Yield maximization across programmatic buyers
  • Brand Safety
  • Audience
  • Measurement

IMA SDK version 3

Additional support is available when specifically using IMA SDK version 3.

  • Competitive exclusions within a pod, stream, or page (requires cookies or PPID within pods and streams)
  • Compatibility with the latest industry standards, including VAST 2 and 3, VMAP, and VPAID 1 and 2*
  • The amp-ima-video component for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) provides a streamlined, lightweight video player with video ad support to help improve monetization.
    It currently supports
    • VMAP
    • Skippable ads
    • Ad podding
    • VPAID JavaScript
    • Active View

      The player is already integrated with the IMA SDK. To embed it, insert the tag on your AMP page and provide an ad and video content URL.

Additional IMA SDK monetization solutions

Ad Exchange

The IMA SDK is required to make in-stream ad requests to Ad Exchange. With Ad Exchange, you have access to dynamic allocation and features that help maximize yield. You can control which buyers have the ability to bid on your more valuable video inventory by setting up Preferred Deals or Private Auctions.

AdSense for video and AdSense for games

The IMA SDK is required to make ad requests to AdSense for video or AdSense for games, Google's in-stream video and games monetization offerings.

TrueView and skippable video ad types

The IMA SDK is required to request TrueView and skippable video ads through AdSense for video and Ad Exchange. TrueView provides access to many of the same advertisers that buy on YouTube.

Companion slot awareness

The IMA SDK recognizes companion ad slots from Google Publisher Tags (GPT), and autofills companion slots if a video ad doesn't have companions to fill all the companion slots on the page.

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