Connect to Salesforce

This article describes some options for connecting to Salesforce and the help that Google Marketing Platform support teams can provide.

How to connect your network to Salesforce

Because Sales Management is built on the open Ad Manager API, you can connect to Salesforce to push opportunities into your Ad Manager network. There are multiple partners who can do this work for you, or you can do it within your own developer teams.

  • Connect via the API: With the Ad Manager API, your developer teams can create a connector that is custom and suited to your network’s specific needs.
  • Partner with a third party: Some publishers have partnered with a third-party partner to connect their network to Salesforce.

Support for Salesforce connections

The Google Marketing Platform support teams aren’t able to troubleshoot or provide technical assistance for any connections to external systems or with third-party vendors. We recommend working with your developer team or third-party vendor directly for assistance. If your developer team or third-party vendor has reason to believe the Sales Management platform is itself at fault for an issue, our teams will do our best to investigate and provide feedback.

For technical questions about the Ad Manager API, please refer to the developer documentation.

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