Sales Management maximums and limits

Learn about the maximum number of products, proposals and other items allowed in Sales Management

Ad Manager enforces various maximums for items and limits on your Ad Manager network. Maximums and limits apply to all items within your Ad Manager network, be they active, inactive or archived.

Ad Manager enforces these same maximums and limits for items under the "Sales" tab. For instance, the maximum quantity (impressions or clicks) that can be entered for a line item is 2,147,483,647. This same maximum applies to proposal line items.

Below are some maximums and limits specific to Sales Management. We'll cover:

For general Ad Manager maximums and limits, see System maximums and limits.

Proposals and proposal line item maximums

Item Limit

Proposal line items per proposal (including archived)


Targeting nodes per proposal line item


Terms and conditions per proposal


Resource links per proposal


Product and product template maximums

Item Limit
Products per product template 1,000

Targeting nodes per product template


Targeting nodes per product 800
Products per product package 450

Rate card maximums

Item Limit

Product rates (and excluded products) per rate card


Packaged product rates per rate card


Premium rates per rate card


Ad Manager counts rates in a rate card (product rates, packaged product rates, and premium rates)—not individual products, product packages, or premiums. Rates do not impact the maximum for one another. For instance, you might have reached the 10,000 maximum for product rates but still add product packages up to its own maximum of 10,0000 packaged product rates.

Product rates

When a product template is added to a rate card, a product rate is specified. This product rate is inherited by all the products generated by that product template. Ad Manager counts this product rate as one (1) toward the 10,000 maximum but doesn't count the product rate for individual products if they have inherited this value from their product template.

Therefore, you might have have a product template with 15,000 products and only one product rate specified at the product template level. This only counts as one (1) toward the maximum, no matter how many products are under the product template.

Some products may override the product rate at the product template level. These, being unique product rates, are counted toward the maximum. Similarly, products may be excluded from a rate card, and these exclusions are counted toward the maximum.

Using our example (a product template with 15,000 products), assume that one product has product rate that was overridden and another product that was excluded from the rate card. Ad Manager counts the product rate at the product template level, the override, and the excluded product. This results in three (3) toward the 10,000 maximum.

Packaged product rates

Each packaged product rate is counted under the "Product packages" tab. There's no rate specified at the product package level and, therefore, each product in a product package has a unique value counting toward the 10,000 maximum.

Premium rates

Similarly, each premium rate added under the "Premiums" tab counts toward the 5,000 maximum. Premiums themselves don't count toward the maximum—only the premium rates specified for each value added under a give premium.

Network limits

Item Limit

Total products per network


Total product packages per network 3,000
Terms and conditions per network 500
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