Change a finalized proposal

You can reopen sold proposals and update them at any time

Once the buyer accepts a proposal, Ad Manager creates a corresponding order and line items for the purposes of ad delivery. Ad Manager also reserves inventory or transfers inventory to line items if previously reserved on proposal line items.

To make changes, you need to reopen a finalized proposal.

To reopen a finalized proposal:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Sales and then Proposals and then Finalized.
  3. Click the name of a proposal to go to its details.
  4. The next step depends on if the change is negotiable:
    • Negotiable: Click Request acceptance and then click Send for review.
    • Non-negotiable: Click Reopen and then click Apply changes.
    • You can also reopen a finalized proposal by clicking the Reopen proposal button on its related proposal line item.
You can't make changes to the start date of proposal line items (regardless of whether they have served any impressions) whose parent proposal has already gone to a "Finalized" state.

Save and discard

Once you reopen, you can make changes to any fields or settings except the advertiser and buyer. You can:

  • Save draft to save a version of your changes anytime.
  • Discard draft to abandon all of changes since you reopened the proposal. The proposal reverts to the original state before you began to make changes. No changes are sent to the buyer or pushed to the corresponding order or line items.

Changes can be made to negotiable fields or settings or to nonnegotiable fields or settings.

Negotiable versus nonnegotiable changes

Changes to nonnegotiable settings

If you make changes to nonnegotiable fields or settings, you can click Update order to update the corresponding order or line items immediately. Changes to the following can be immediately pushed to orders or line items:

  • Name (of the proposal or proposal line items)
  • Delivery settings
  • “Adjust delivery” settings (except for “Set day and time,” which is negotiable)
  • Priority (number)
  • Labels
  • Custom fields
  • Internal notes
  • Any targeting *

Targeting is non-visible to the buyer (except geography) and none is ever negotiable, including changes to audience and key-values. Learn more in Viewable and negotiable fields. If you make changes to any targeting or any of the settings for fields on the above list, you can simply click Apply changes.

* Changes to geo targeting not shown to buyer

Only geo targeting can be viewed by the buyer, though it is not negotiable. Other targeting is never visible to the buyer and is not negotiable.

If you make changes to geo targeting after the buyer accepts, changes aren’t reflected in the buyer's user interface once the order is updated.

Changes to negotiable settings

If you make changes to negotiable fields or settings, you are renegotiating terms of the proposal and need to request acceptance from the buyer again. Only after the buyer accepts will the corresponding delivery line item be updated.

Until the buyer accepts, corresponding line items remain unchanged. If they've started delivery, they continue to deliver under the settings and terms previously negotiated. If you don't want the campaign to delivery under the current terms, consider pausing.

If you've sent a proposal for acceptance but the buyer hasn't yet accepted the updated version, you can retract the proposal.

The proposal line items page will show which unsaved changes require buyer acceptance if you update them. We’ll highlight changes made to these fields in the footer by the Save and Back buttons.

Proposal line item settings that trigger renegotiation:

  • Start or end time
  • Rate
  • Quantity
  • Set day and time
  • Creative sizes
  • Inventory sizes
  • Additional terms
  • Adding or removing proposal line items

There are no settings at the proposal level that trigger renegotiation.

Terminate renegotiation

While renegotiating, you have the option under More actions to Terminate renegotiation. Terminating renegotiation means that the current version under negotiation is discarded and the proposal reverts to its original, finalized state. Neither you nor the buyer can proposal changes anymore unless one of you initiates renegotiation again. Learn more in Terminate negotiation.

Reserve inventory on sold proposals

Some changes you make to proposal line items after you reopen a proposal affect inventory. Among the changes that affect inventory include:

  • Start or end time
  • Quantity
  • Inventory sizes (can't be edited in proposal line items with publisher-managed creatives)
  • Targeting
  • Delivery settings

Corresponding line items are not updated with these changes until you have updated the order or until the buyer accepts. Changes to start or end time, rate, or quantity trigger renegotiation and require the buyer to accept the changes. Once the buyer accepts, Ad Manager re-reserves inventory based on the new changes and updates corresponding line items. Changes to targeting do not require the buyer to accept. These changes update corresponding line items only after you click Update order.

Just as with proposals that have never been sold, you can choose to explicitly reserve inventory at any time in a reopened proposal. Ad Manager reflects inventory as taken in availability forecasts. When the order is updated or the buyer accepts, Ad Manager transfers the reserved inventory to the corresponding line items.

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