Terminate negotiation

At any time during negotiation, or after you've sent a request for acceptance, but the buyer has not yet accepted, you can choose to terminate negotiation.

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To terminate negotiation:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Sales and then Proposals and then All proposals or My proposals.
  3. Click the name of the proposal to go to its details.
  4. From the More actions menu at the top of proposal details, select Terminate negotiation.

If you've reopened a finalized proposal and are renegotiating terms, the option under More actions is Terminate renegotiation. Terminating renegotiation means that the current version under negotiation is discarded and the proposal reverts to its original, finalized state. Learn more in Renegotiate or change finalized proposals.

When a proposal was never previously finalized, the option under More actions is Terminate negotiation. Terminating negotiation means that the proposal will no longer be available for negotiation. The proposal is marked with a "Terminated" status and remains on your list of active proposals until archived. Terminated proposals cannot be reopened, renegotiated, or edited again. However, you can copy a terminated proposal and its proposal line items to make changes to a new proposal and proposal line items.

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