Serve out-of-page creatives

Serve pop-up, pop-under, or floating creatives

To serve pop-up, pop-under, or floating creatives to your website, you need to update your Google Publisher Tag and use the "Out-of-page" size for line items and creatives in Ad Manager.

Update your Google Publisher Tag (GPT)

  • Your site should define a slot for out-of-page creatives using the googletag.defineOutOfPageSlot() method.
  • Since the creative isn't displayed directly within the webpage's content, it's only important that the googletag.display() method is included somewhere in the <body> of your page.

Learn how to generate tags in Ad Manager or view the GPT developer documentation.

Add an out-of-page line item and creative in Ad Manager

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Create a line item using the Out-of-page size, or find an existing line item.
  3. Add an out-of-page creative.
Need help with your out-of-page creative?
Learn how to troubleshoot out-of-page delivery.

How out-of-page impressions are recorded

Unlike other line items, out-of-page line items only record impressions when the viewed impression macro in an out-of-page line item's creative is triggered when the create is played or viewed. For example, if a web page requests an out-of-page line item from Ad Manager, but the page never displays the creative, an impression is not recorded.

Out-of-page creatives must include the viewed impression macro for impression counting to work.

<img src="%%VIEW_URL_UNESC%%" style="display:none">

Unfilled impressions

Unfilled impression are not recorded in reporting when an out-of-page line item is requested from Ad Manager, but there aren't any eligible line items to return. These unfilled out-of-page impressions are also excluded from Ad Manager invoices.

Inventory forecasting

To ensure accurate inventory forecasting, including inventory for out-of-page ad units, only target out-of-page line items to pages properly tagged to serve out-of-page creatives.

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