Configure probability of close

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Probability of close is the confidence that this proposal will be sold. This is a percentage number which sales representatives can set under proposals settings. A higher number means there is more confident that this proposal will sell, while a lower number indicates less confidence. A proposal that is sold automatically sets to a 100% probability of close.

As an Ad Manager administrator, you can determine which values are available to select by sales representatives when setting probability of close on their proposals. Probability of close values must be between 0 and 100 and can be up to two decimal places out. Up to 20 probability of close values can be entered. Values will be automatically sorted upon save from lesser to greater no matter what order you enter them.

Configure probability of close:

  1. Navigate to the Sales page under the Admin tab. Ensure that you're on the General tab under the Sales page.
  2. Next to Probability of close, enter valid probability of close values. 
  3. Click Save.

Note that if a sales representative had previously indicated a value which was later removed from valid values, the sales representative will be prompted to update the probability of close value to a valid one the next time the proposal is edited.

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