Audience Measurement reports (Beta)

Audience Measurement allows you to report on the reach and frequency of display and video ads across your desktop, mobile app, mobile web, and connected TV inventory. This is a beta offering that is currently only available to U.S. publishers and only reports U.S. demographic data on desktop devices.

  Not available in every network.

The collection methods for audience reach and frequency are based on the traditional broadcast television model, where set top boxes are placed in the homes of paid participants. These boxes gather data about the viewing habits of specific "panel" participants and match it with known demographic information.

All of the data collected is used to assume the viewership behavior of particular television shows for a larger audience, which advertisers and marketers used to target and set prices for television ad placements.

Audience Measurement for Ad Manager applies similar methods to online ads. A panel is considered a set of cookies that is mapped to demographic data, and extrapolated to make assumptions about a larger population.

Run an Audience Measurement report

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Reports and then NEW QUERY.
  3. Select Reach as the report type.
  4. Include Geography and Delivery dimensions, and Audience Measurement Demographics dimension. 
  5. Select your desired metrics and click RUN.

Audience Measurement metrics

The following metrics are available in Query Tool:

Number of people in the selected country that fall into this demographic, based on census data.
Unique viewers
Number of users reached for this demographic group at the specified aggregate limit.
% Composition unique viewers
Percent of the audience within the demographic group compared to the total audience reached.
(Unique viewers within this demographic) /(Sum of unique viewers across all demographics)
Number of impressions served to this demographic.
% composition impressions
Percent of total impressions that were served to this demographic.
(Impressions within this demographic) / (Sum of all impressions across all demographics)
% population reach
Percent of this population that was reached.
(Unique viewers) / (Population)
Average frequency
Average number of times a user from this demographic was reached.
(Impressions) / (Unique viewers)
Target rating points
(Average frequency) x (% Population reach)
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