Allow competition to maximize Ad Exchange revenue

You can allow Ad Exchange Open Auction bids to compete with your Private Auction bids to maximize your revenue through increased competition. This feature allows Open Auction buyers a chance to compete for ad requests previously unavailable due to the prioritization of Private Auction bids.

Open Auction competition is enabled for individual Private Auctions

All new Private Auctions are set to allow competition from the Open Auction, by default. However, you can disable this setting for any individual Private Auction.

To enable or disable Open Auction competition for a Private Auction:

  1. Follow the instructions to create a new Private Auction, or to update an existing Private Auction.
  2. Locate the "OPEN AUCTION BUYERS" section of the Private Auction settings.
  3. Select Allow Open Auction buyer optimization to enable Open Auction competition, or de-select to disable.

Your changes take effect immediately.

With this feature on, Ad Exchange dynamically sets the price an Open Auction buyer needs to bid above the best Private Auction bid in order to win. This allows the revenue maximizing bid to win on each ad request. Buyers can see which Private Auctions allow Open Auction competition.

Note that "Open Auction buyer optimization" does not appear with revenue estimates in Ad Manager reporting.


Learn more about the Ad Exchange auction model.

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