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Share your G Suite content—such as Google Calendar, Sites, Docs, and files stored in Google Drive—with multiple people at once using Google Groups.

If you add someone to your group, that person automatically gains access to content you previously shared with that group.

If you remove someone from a group, that person no longer has access to any content you shared with the group.


  • Share resources, status updates, and more using a single team email address, instead of multiple individual email addresses.
  • Change access permissions for everyone at once, instead of changing them for each person manually.
  • If someone leaves the team, there's no need to search for everything you've ever shared with them. Just remove that person from the group, so they can't access any previously shared group content.

Share content with multiple people using a single address" "

Note: (For G Suite accounts) To find or create web forums within your organization that are not public, go to Groups and click My Groupsand thenSwitch organization view to before doing the following tasks.

  1. In Groups, click Create group and enter your information, such as the group’s email address.
    • If you’re creating a group within your organization, your group’s address will end with
    • If you’re creating a public group, your group’s address will end with
  2. At the top of the page, click Create.
  3. Add people to your new group. For more information on adding people to groups, see Get started with Groups.
  4. Select content that you want to share, such as calendars, sites, docs, and files stored in Drive.
  5. Find the sharing feature for your content:
    • Calendar: Under My Calendars, go to your calendar and click More options Moreand thenSettings. Go to Access permissions and choose your sharing options. If you want to send a shareable link to your calendar, at the bottom, click Get shareable linkand thenCopy Link. If you want to share your calendar with a specific person, go to Share with specific people and click Add people.
    • Sites: Click Add people Add collaborator.
    • Docs, Sheets, and Slides: Click Share in the upper corner.
    • Forms: Click More options Moreand thenAdd collaborators.
    • Drive: Click Share Add collaborator.
  6. Enter your Groups address (such as where prompted and confirm your sharing permissions.
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